Moving back on board our boat after 5 months

Does anyone else’s partner have a fear of STUFF? ? This week, we work our butts off to move back onboard our sailboat and set off on our next big adventure off shore.

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  1. Hi guys!
    What’s happening to Elayna is super super common when you’ve just had a baby. It’s like we women are collecting anything we might need for the survival of the species. It’s the work of the survival instincts and our limbic system. You can thank that later. ???‍♀️
    It’s like the nesting phenomena just before we give birth.
    It won’t last forever.
    Thank you for sharing your lives with us.
    Registered perinatal psychologist ?

  2. The comedic God George Carlin has the most awesome observations about peoples “Stuff”. The middle part of this performance is u guys to a Tee, he talks about Island hopping and how much of ur “stuff” u need to take with u to complete the trip!! Replace George’s hotel room with Elena stuffing all the nooks of ur ship!!! Thanks for inspiring and Be well……

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