We left the USA for Island Life!

Hi again! We’re loving our little meander down the coast of Florida with our crew David and Sarah. We’re packing up at St Augustine and heading ever southwards, this time ending up at West Palm Beach. We’re taking it easy with some smooth sailing and good weather, which is really welcome. It means that we can just get into the rhythm of sailing and family life on board. And being ready means we can eventually cross over to the Bahamas with a bit more confidence. In the meantime we deal with deceptive optical illusions of lighthouses and we make sure we can be seen at night, which, from our experience, is important. And speaking of evenings, have you seen the Green Flash? Let us know, because we haven’t.

Plus: stick around for a little update on how Vaga Bella Swim is going. If it’s getting warmer where you are (or maybe not!), check out what we have at http://vagabellaswim.com

If you can’t get enough of SLV, we post more content on Patreon including live streams, bloopers and early previews of future episodes.

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  1. Green flash. Yes! No less than 8 times. In both Atlantic and Pacific, since 2016. Plus, it’s in Bowditch so has to be true.

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