What we do Onboard During a COLD FRONT

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  1. You are just living the dream.
    Im south African and i follow all your videos. You truly are an amazing family.
    Would do anything just to see and experience the way you live your day to day life.

  2. In South Africa followed you for years love your stuff. My son Scott lives and works in Zanzibar skippering a sailing catamaran would love it if he and his wife got a surprise invite to join you.

  3. Hi ? how are u doing I m mehdi from morroco I m married with too children 7 and 2 years old I just want to tell u that u living my dream i and my family will bee so happy if you can share it for a few days ? much love from morroco .

  4. I have been filling your journeys for a wile. You have done some amazing trips. My husband Matthew Green would love to do this. He has loved sailing his whole life. He did a lot of sailing at the Naval academy. He lived in a sailboat at one of his duty stations! He would be a great mate to take!

  5. I have been filling your journeys for a wile. You have done some amazing trips. I think my husband would love to experience this kind of adventure. He has loved sailing all his life. He would be a great person to take along this trip to the Bahamas.

  6. Hi Riley & Elayna,

    My wife and I are retired and have been watching your videos since the early days on Vaga 1 in the Mediterranean…..It has been a joy to follow your travels. As we are retired we would love to meet you guys anywhere to spend some time on Vaga2. I have my skipper’s licence on a Bavaria 42 so could help with the sailing.

    Look forward to hearing from you if you wish to choose us.

    Best Regards,


  7. Hi guys.
    We love following your adventures. What you’re offering is life changing. We’d love to be a part of it.
    Keep safe.

  8. Thanks for all of the awesome adventures over the years. Keep them coming. Having lived, worked and raced on yachts from the Grenadines to Florida and 40 or so islands in between maybe I could be of use on one of the yachts. Would love to join the adventure even if it’s just a week…

  9. Hi guys! I’m heading to Florida end of February. I would love the chance to step aboard with you and learn what it’s like to live the lifestyle. I can meet you anywhere.

  10. Hello there!

    We are in FL, healthy and strong paddlers, with small boat sailing backgrounds (albeit a long time ago!) We’d love to spend some time with you sharing your adventures!

    Dana and Joe

  11. We’ve been with you from the very beginning. Our trimarans still haven’t left the marina (and at our age probably never will), but we live and dream thanks to your videos.

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