7 years of me and you (this is our story) ?

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  1. Wonderful episode. New stuff I never knew. Thought it was gonna be the 1st night/4 crew.Crew.. Greek marina?

  2. When Jean and I met it was love at first sight after a few previous failures with relationships each. We decided we wanted to be lovers and not married, so that’s what we put on any forms – we create a box marked lovers and tick that! On Friday 11th March we celebrated 25 years together. I took her out for lunch at a first class Italian restaurant, but what moved her the most was I had a silver card with lots of lovely words in it and added lots of my own. This made her emotional and she had not thought to get one for me. I didn’t mind at all that I didn’t get a card, but woman love romantic words, cards and remembering important dates. We keep the romance going by going out on dates all the time and telling each other we love each other. From Happy Murray and Jean

  3. Love your recap! Jen n I were talking this morning about the favorite places we’ve anchored and woken up to. The morning after Nassau out in the open with a flat sea before going to Eleuthera. Sailing with a storm jib down wind and current through Current Cut. Johnson Cay in the Raggeds when our anchor dragged and I rowed out a smaller anchor which caught and even though we were in breakers there was nothing more we could do so we slept at 2 and woke up to a flat harbor 30’ from shore.
    We plan on building a tiny house but our boat is a tiny home that takes us to amazing places.
    We love SW Allen’s where you saw the iguanas!
    Keep it up! Xoxo,
    Bart n Jen

  4. Still on board the adventures since you guys started, awesome. Take care. Jono, Glasgow Scotland ???????

  5. I remember these times very well. Doesn’t seem like 7 years. I have enjoyed the trip w/ u all & I thank you from the bottom my 78 year-old heart for such an adventure! Luv’ya! I remember saying after Lenny was born that 2 would be ideal! And now look. Such a wonderful time!!!

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