Freediving down SO DEEP IT GOT DARK! (50M / 164ft)

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  1. Congrats. Riley 50 meter. Great

    More singing Elayna

    Love the vid love the kids. You all a great thanks for sharing your life


  2. Loving our weekly dose of adventure & sunshine ☀️Thank you ? I’m still trying to convince my kids we should live on a boat ??
    Just thinking about Lenny & home school & in the interests of continuing the lifestyle indefinitely…have you heard of Reading Eggs? I discovered it home schooling my 2 in 1st lockdown. It’s an Aussie programme, amazing interactive, covers 2-13yrs (has a fab preschool section) for maths, phonics & reading. Soooo much content my kids love it & they learn playing it (as a teacher& a mum I think it’s brilliant) plus they might sponsor you to endorse it? It’s defo worth checking out.
    Keep living your dream ??

  3. Re the ‘scrounging for money’ post Riley. You have nothing to feel guilty about mate. Your videos and family adventures are wonderful. Inspirational! I’ve been watching from the beginning for free..So very happy after all this time watching to proudly become part of your patreon family… Safe sailing and big love to the four of you x

  4. Hi guys, your both still the coolest sailing bloggers out there. Elayna I’ve been cutting my own hair for years. I find the way, I get the best results is to pull the hair up over my head with a fine comb beetween two fingers and cut while holding it horizontal while looking in the mirror. This way it looks more professional amd layered it gets easier with each cut. Thanks for the fish over vegetable tented in the oven recipe I especially like it with brocolli rabe and lots of green spices. People have been raving about my cooking since I started cooking like this and its so freakin easy. Best of luck in vietnam can’t wait and to see you on the new boat. Peace out

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