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  1. I started watching you and SV Delos at the start of the pandemic three years ago. The past year, Sailing La Vagabonde has been the better of the two. In fact, you are best sailing video on the web. Life has its ups and downs but the secret to your success is that you present your videos with positive and genuine euthasium that it makes the rest of us in cold Indiana want to follow your life style. When I retire in 4 years, I am going to sail the Florida keys in a little bit like your lifestyle. Keep up the good work.

  2. Riley & Elainer,
    I love your purpose driven lives! I’m not a patreon but I’ll pay you with genuine appreciation and admiration. You guys are a positive mark on what I see every week. Thank you & Safe Journeys.

  3. A long time ago running my first crew (Plumbing Superintendent)I had to run the Backhoe as our Digger decided to not show up, I had a near miss on one of my helpers head with my bucket in full swing to the side where he was standing. literally the bucket stopped less than a half inch from his head. Now yes he knew better than to be in my boom arc, and I had far too many hours on a Hoe to let anyone that close as well, but both happened. What I took away from that were many things but the two most important were these. One: Extreme diligence in maintaining standard operating procedure, and Two: Every single lesson is vital. Never shrug off a lesson, take it to heart, ride myself hard, then pin my ears back, stand up on my hind legs and move forward, ever forward.

  4. A near miss, but nothing happened did it? you did see it in time and that’s all that matters, we all learn by our mistakes, don’t dwell on it. learn from it. Its easy to get complacent with many years of successful experience ,no matter what vocation we have.
    I recall Neil Armstrong, one of my hero’s, (he’s buried at sea actually) who had a near miss when he was testing a lunar mock up lander near the ground ,suddenly it tilted and he ejected just in time ,the lander crashed and Neil landed just a few yards away ,he walked away,its on YT..He was found in his office calmly filling out a report, everybody was very concerned and making a fuss, saying you could have been killed of seriously injured ,Neil said yes but I was wasn’t was I ? he let it go and got on with his work and life and eventually walked on
    on the moon. A great lesson for us all ,his cool demeaner and courage enabled him to be a great test pilot ,a Korean war vet, and the first
    man on the moon.
    Driving a car around here is potentially catastrophic, I have near misses every time I go out .t I am getting on in years, when s g I used to ride bikes and drive like a manic I had many near fatal near misses. got away with it…we have narrow roads in this seaside town UK its jammed packed with parked cars and vans , kamikaze pedestrians leaping out ,old folks wandering in the road, lunatic racing cyclists expecting you to stop dead…the law has just changed giving pedestrians the right of way if they are waiting to cross on the pavement or in the road, I used to give way anyway if I could, but its the kamikaze one that are scaring me…..if I hit anyone being stupid I may get the blame ….Oh well ,forget what has or might happen , keep calm , keep a look out and carry on

  5. Hi I have been watching your videos for years and there great, if I were younger I would get into sailing but at age 67 and my body is not in the best shape. I just finished power boating from key largo Florida to key west Florida 98 miles by a 25 ft cabin cruiser, had a 5 days safe trip. Love your videos keep up the great work , love the family. I share your videos on Facebook all the time .thank you. Mark Luttrell

  6. Ahoy La Vagabond! Evelyn and I have been watching and enjoying your videos since you began. At that time we had our Beneteau 423, Hallelujah. She was moored in Ventura, Ca since her launch in 2004. She has and continues to sail Southern (Channel Islands) California and Mexico waters. She is much like the Original La Vagabond but has a single Helm on the centerline. A wonderful boat!

    What!? I was truly surprised when I heard about your lapse of attention to detail. As a veteran US Coast Guardsman, a Patrol Boat crewmen I completely understand what “could” have been the result. Thank God you didn’t ground or collide with the rocks ahead. I’m sure that experience will influence your ability to relax while coastal cruising.

    All my experience at sea has been in the Pacific from just outside the surf to hundreds of miles at sea off the USA coast. Our role was Patrol, Law Enforcement, Search and Rescue (usual role) and Military enforcement.

    We have retired from the sea and enjoy new adventures in our Motor Home. We continue to sail through you and Elena. We wish you fair winds and following seas. Stay safe and happy.

    God Bless your happy home

    Jon & Evelyn

  7. In the 2012 Newport to Ensenada race in Southern California a boat in the race sailed (motored actually – they were in cruising class) directly into the north Coronado Island in the night. Their SPOT tracker showed their track to be straight into the island at about 7 knots, no attempt to avoid the island at all. All aboard died. Investigation results were that it was most likely caused by a lack of being on lookout. https://www.thelog.com/local/inadequate-lookout-likely-key-in-ensenada-race-accident/

  8. Thank you for this Riley. Some times we all need a swift kick in the pants. No one ever said humility cometh before a fall. You recognize that this could have gone really south. I like that you spoke of the beauty that surrounds you. In the end your vigilance still saved the day.

  9. I go way back with following you… I’ve never made a criticism. You have said in a video something about learning new words…. Very good to increase our often boring choice of words. Could you find some creative words to replace use of profanity? Thanks for the great job you do with your photography. BTW/I also think it would be fun to see you two dressed up formally! Just once out of boat clothes! ☺️

  10. Really lucky that nothing worse happened. But hey, it’s life and sometimes you gotta get humbled by it after all! A lot of people(myself included) sometimes get overconfident with how much we can get away with and well… this happens. Reminds me of that one time I’ve went hiking and my boots snapped on the sole on a sharp rock. Guess what? – I forgot to get backup pair and had to walk all the way back(like 10 miles). Was incredibly bad, but I’ve learned from it. Now I always have a backup pair of some sort of lightweight sneakers in my backpack(and used it a couple of times! Nearby running store https://rununited.com/ usually has some sort of sale on various pairs, so I just pickup backup ones whenever I shop 😀 )

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