Why I’ve been distant lately..

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  1. Hi, I just watched this and could not believe when I saw all the nasty comments that people had written you! WTF is wrong with people??? You are an amazingly beautiful woman inside and out, please just delete those type of comments and do not read them! You guys are amazing, everything you do and the way you are with your kids….my husband and I thoroughly enjoy watching your videos, please take good care! Sandy and Mike

    1. E I LOVE YOU SO SO MUCH your so smoking hot, I love the freckles its major sexy…. Your body is 2nd to none!!!!!! Never let those askhole haters get in your head, ever! If you need anything just ask. I have a large home on a golf course and live alone, you are welcome to come stay anytime. Sticks and stones….. remember that. I have followed u since the beginning. So be strong, stay sexy, we all here love you to death……

  2. You are stunning. You are living a very outdoor life. That has to be hard on your face. But don’t worry, you look fantastic.

  3. So sorry to hear of your struggle. I looked it up online and see hypothyroidism as a cause. My Hyperthy. gave me Graves Disease! It also said light wave radiation from the Sun …. including x-rays can be the cause. It mentioned pregnancy as an onset …….. but said it usually fades over time. Working in the sun as a field Land Surveyor for my first 15 years really damaged my skin, and at 70 ….. it’s really a problem. I suggest you stay in the shade as much as you can ….. radiation is not our friend.
    People who judge you …. should keep their ugly comments to themselves …… but as a public figure … you have to endure. The guy who commented that he had not seen you for a while …… WOW!!! You are a Goddess!!!! Never forget it. I think you are more beautiful now then your very first sail … where we all met our future Queen for the first time! Coach Vermeil always said “You can’t be made to feel inferior … without your own permission”. Keep finding your way ….. and love those 3 boys.
    Bonne Mike

  4. We love u guys don’t let the opinion of others bring U down Miss E, Ur beautiful right down to Ur soul !!! U have inspired me to head back to the ocean .. it’s been a pleasure getting to know u guys while u adventure through life … Can’t wait to see what u guys get up to next !! True inspiration !!! Thank u for sharing Ur lifes journey with us !!

  5. Elayna … so sorry about your tirals n tribulations … however girl msybe this is a good opportunity to step back and look at your wonderful blessings once agsin … you are healthy, your beautiful family is healthy and happy and you are really living the wonderful life that most people only dream of … so get real … the reality is that you have some blotches … you are still a beutiful woman inside and out … and a wonderful person, mother and partner in life … focus on the poditive … get real … we all love seeing you beautiful smile on the vloggs !

  6. This time with CORRECTIONS :
    Elayna … so sorry about your tirals n tribulations … however girl maybe this is a good opportunity to step back and look at your wonderful blessings once again … you are healthy, your beautiful family is healthy and happy and you are really living the wonderful life that most people only dream of … so get real girl … the reality is that you have some blotches … you are still a beautiful woman inside and out … and a wonderful person, mother and partner in life … focus on the positive in your life … get real … we all LOVE seeing your beautiful smile on the vloggs ! Love you guys … XXXOOO

  7. Please please don’t give a shit to what that malign people say about your appearance. You ARE beautiful in any and every way. Much more beautiful inside than all of them together. You’re on the show for 5-6 years now, off course you are older, everyone is. What’s wrong with this? Raise your kids, make your wonderful videos, use HATS ? ? ? all the time and be happy and make us happy with your lifestyle, your freckles, your wrinkles because we love you. From an old sailor lady (62 with lots of dark spots) to a young sailor girl pretty as hell… or as heaven ❣️

  8. Hi Elayna! Thank you for sharing your story. I too struggle with melasma…it is the worst! My melasma showed up after doing IVF with my daughter. I am shocked to see pictures of my face in the summer months, I feel so terrible! I have learned to wear tons of sunblock (physical, nor chemical) and a huge hat to avoid sun exposure.

    You are beautiful! Please try not to let this get you down. Wear sunblock and keep your face out of the sun as much as you can.


  9. E, I LOVE YOU SO SO MUCH your so smoking hot, I love the freckles its major sexy…. Your body is 2nd to none!!!!!! Never let those askhole haters get in your head, ever! If you need anything just ask. I have a large home on a golf course and live alone, you are welcome to come stay anytime. Sticks and stones….. remember that. I have followed u since the beginning. So be strong, stay sexy, you are as awesome as itgets!!!

  10. E, I LOVE YOU SO SO MUCH your so smoking hot, I love the freckles its major sexy…. Your body is 2nd to none!!!!!! Never let those askhole haters get in your head, ever! If you need anything just ask. Sticks and stones….. remember that. I have followed u since the beginning. So be strong, stay sexy, you are as awesome as it gets!!!

  11. yOU

  12. Elayna, like the Velveteen Rabbit in the children’s book, you are becoming Real. Those of us who have been following your story for a long time know that you are beautiful in many ways — not just a girl with a clear face.

    If it helps: I’ve been married for 42+ years to someone with a brown birth mark on her face. We’ve developed wrinkled skin and graying hair. But we’re both still about 22 years old inside.

  13. I just had to stop the video a quarter of the way through it, to say, you are so beautiful and if anyone has anything to say to you otherwise, just please, scroll on by them…they are not worth you wasting your eye muscles on!! I would never in a million or jillion years have even noticed or guessed that you had anything going on, seriously, it’ s news to me and I have been following you guys since you first got la vagabonde., sorry I can’t be a “patron”, can’t afford it these days but I do purchase merch from you guys time to time and have given lots of it as gifts, etc…you two (now four) are seriously the best on the net.

  14. I don’t know it it helps. But you are beautiful!!
    What foods make melasma worse?
    Some foods contain chemical hormones that can aggravate hormone-triggered hyperpigmentation. Examples of foods that contain potentially hyperpigmentation-causing hormones are soy products, black beans, flaxseed and chickpeas, all of which contain estrogen.

  15. E this makes me remarkably sad and is everything that is wrong with social media today. YOU ARE STUNNINGLY beautiful!!!!!! You are one of the most beautiful women I know of, so talented, smart and kind. I look up to you in every way and you should shine like the sun and feel every confidence ? ❤️. Please know that so many people admire and think you are gorgeous. These are the dark haters that have brought others down (Beautiful Lee) and it is such a waste of beautiful creativity and vitality. Those commenters are not worth your time!!!!!! Or ours!!!!! Shine bright like a diamond and kick them off of your YouTube page !!!!!! For all of us lolz. Peace and light and love Elayna ! ?

  16. Thanks for sharing.
    I think you are both beautiful souls and thats what has shined through all these years, apart from the great content that is why you have had this success from the start. We (as viewers) weren’t drawn to the other channels that focused on showcasing aesthetic beauty. Dont let the twats get you down.

  17. Don’t listen to others, you’re a beautiful woman. ❤
    Both of you and your children of courses, you are wonderful people. Just don’t mind what others criticize.
    Enjoy your life, it’s amazing to watch. Thanks for letting us participate.

    By the way, Riley reminds me of my dear uncle Mick. It is a wonderful mixture of his manner, his dialect, his looks. Unfortunately, I see him far too seldom as we live quite far apart. so it’s nice to be reminded of him here too. Thanks.?

  18. Hey Elay…everyone is being so supportive and saying how gorgeous you are, and they are right, although I watch more for Riley’s the segments of “Rileys Lesson Learned”. Quick story that I hope helps with the mental health side of the beauty issue or at least makes you laugh.
    I went through a period of life when I truly thought I was ugly, not good looking, unattractive, whichever you want to put it. Every day I would go for lunch with a group of guys who were my support group. Now one of the guys, let’s call him D had been kicked in the head by a horse when he was a kid and part of his forehead was missing, so he looked like half his head was dented in about two inches or more, it was horrible but it didn’t bother him, mostly people like me who didn’t like looking at it because of our own self-image issues.
    One day I got all dressed up, got a great haircut and was feeling really fantastic, so walked into the restaurant feeling so high on life it felt like I was floating. D was the only one there so far and he looked at me, smiled, and said “You look like a million bucks.” I could feel my ego growing, and then he says “Just remember, beauty is only skin deep, if you don’t believe me look at the inside of your cheek! It’s who you are inside that counts.”
    My heart sank, I was still ugly no matter what I did. I went to the bathroom to compose myself and then I looked in the mirror, saw my unattractive self, opened my mouth and took a good look at the inside of my cheek…I was blown away, he was right, that sucker looked terrible!
    Those words have stuck with me for decades now (yes, I’m old now too) and when I feel not so good looking or that people are looking at me, I find a mirror and look at the inside of my cheek. I usually have a good laugh remembering that day and how D was right, beauty is only skin deep. It’s also in the eye of the beholder and that cheek always reminds me that I am ‘me’, and that ‘me’ is a good thing, cheeks have it much worse.
    If nothing else Elayana, when you feel uncomfortable, find a mirror and have a look…feel sorry for your cheek…have a laugh and remind yourself that beauty is only skin deep and your insides count a lot more than your outsides.
    You and your family are some of the most beautiful people inside that I have ever met, it’s why I keep coming back…love you’s all.

  19. Elay, WTF girl l was loving your freckles it happens to all as we grow older.Wait tell you reach 64.
    I know you make your livin in the social media world, but please delete them they hurt, if someone came up to you and said those things you would job em on the nose and forget them do the same.
    l’ve have watched you from the early days in the med and you have never looked better in my opinion. Riles must love you more than ever.
    from an old patreon.

  20. Elayna you are beautiful inside and out with or without freckles . That’s from a 60 year old bloke (married to a girl with freckles!!- we call them “angels kisses”) who has tried his best to look good and be in good shape as best he can all his life but still accepting that you can age and still look good.. Beauty is about being gentle to yourself mentally and accepting that 99% of other people do not see you as you do yourself. You have an inbuilt negative bias which I can assure you is not accurate form the perspective of other viewers . Negative trolls will appear whatever you do or say. That’s a “their” problem not a “you” problem. I hope you see this post amongst the thousand other positive ones that you will get .You and Riley are smashing life so don’t let this spoil it . Big hugs to the vaga fam xx-xx

  21. Hi Elayna ,
    Where do I start ? I feel you are focusing too much on your physical beauty rather than on your spiritual beauty ,that is the real you ,not the body.
    I’m 77 old guy and used to be good looking like you when I was young (not being egotistical ! but I was ,used to be in bands. ) but as we age our beauty fades, the body sags, slows down, we get diseases , some serious even terminal, my wife died of cervical cancer 47( she didn’t have smear tests, so make sure all you ladies have those PLEASE!) she suffered for 5 years before passing she was stunningly beautiful both physically and spiritually and accepted her fate with calmness and faith.
    She knew she wasn’t the body.. we both weren’t religious however we realised ,through TM Meditation and Eastern teachings who we really are.
    Maybe have a look at your life from that viewpoint? you don’t have to be religious ,just a truth seeker, the right way for you will come if you start looking, knock on the door….and it will be opened for you…

    Joints wear out like mine due to Rheumatoid Arthritis I’ve had it for over 40 years ,two knee replacements ,my hands and feet are badly deformed and recently developed unsightly painful nodules ,but I’m not concerned as long as my hands and feet are reasonably usable, things change, my hands were my living, skilled, I lost my job and my wife at about the same time after a flare-up of the Arthritis and have just about survived on benefits.
    I’ve accepted it ,things change, body looks older, personality’s change, hopefully for the better.
    The Buddha said “All is change” before he passed, his body aged too and once was very beautiful, he was a Prince, before he gave it all up to find the cause of suffering which are desires basically, the wrong sort……desire forperfect beauty is causing you suffering my dear…… I’ve been on the Spiritual path for about the same time as the Arthritis and gradually have grown to accept these changes, I’m more concerned with the spiritual SELF , how I feel inside, that is why we incarnate to discover our real identity ,it will bring you peace of mind……
    Once you you understand that ,interest in how the body looks is not so important ,look after it. but don’t fuss…..
    My Daughter has Melasma and uses make up to cover it, its not noticeable and she has got on with her life.
    I could find out what she uses if you like.
    Have a think about the above it will help you to accept your situation.
    Love, Tony X

  22. Elayna,
    I can understand how you would become self conscious of your melasma. I didn’t notice it, but of course, those who feel they need to put others down to feel better about themselves will unfortunately always be around. It’s easy to say just ignore them. Easier said than done.
    Please know a few mean people’s comments does not represent what the more than 1.5 million people think of you!
    You are a wonderful human and a beautiful woman inside and out.
    You are very brave when you share such personal parts of your life with your viewers, it’s just one more thing to love about you.
    You do what make you feel good about yourself and makes you happy.
    We love watching your family grow and thrive while showing us beautiful places and an amazing lifestyle.
    Stay strong, be safe and of course be happy.
    All the best,

  23. So. Here’s the thing from my perspective…I’ve been following and supporting you and your family for a few years, my granddaughter and her boyfriend introduced me to your site and I love it!
    I HAVE NEVER NOTICED your skin, other than to think to myself how beautiful you are…that doesn’t mean the concern you have isn’t real for you. It is VERY real to you. Here’s wishing you a magical journey with the laser and anything else you find that worksand that gives you a happy sunny feeling about yourself!
    Oh, one more thing. Find the Block and/or Report function on your sites here and USE them! No one has a right to post toxic comments to you…nope, no one!

  24. Elayna, you & your husband are incredibly attractive – not because of the size of your body or condition of your skin! You both glow with an adventurous spirit and creating a life many dream of, even with the troubles and setbacks. You’re a beautiful family – natural, free and authentic. Those comments about your skin are a reflection of the people who would write things like that, and have nothing to do with how your viewers see your inner and outer beauty. I honestly would have your husband scroll thru comments and delete negative ones before you read them. Your kids just want a happy mama, and superficial comments from strangers have no place in a happy & grateful life.

  25. Cannot believe comments people leave, yes I can. Elayna you are beautiful and cannot believe how good you look especially with all the sun. My brother and his wife live in Arizona and I am sure they wish their skin looked as good as yours. These people should post a picture of themselves when they criticize you. I doubt any could match you beauty. Love you and had not really noticed your condition till you mentioned it. Tell Riley I said he is lucky to be with you.

  26. The one thing social media has taught anyone who pays attention is that a large portion of the population are cowards. They are gutless, disgusting cowards who hide behind their computer screens and they get off by hurting other people, but only when they know they are safely hidden in the dark, in their homes, where they don’t have to face the stronger person they are running down. Anyone, and I mean ANYONE, who says you are not absolutely HOT, is a liar.
    Everybody has flaws, Every. Single. Person. But whatever your flaws are Elayna, they do not show where I can see them.
    Never let a faceless, gutless, little coward ever convince you that what they say matters. They know what they say doesn’t matter to anyone, that’s why they try to build themselves up from their hiding places.
    Now…..let’s see some bikini pics!!!

  27. So after reading the above comments, I am coming from a different perspective. I have a background in health care and delivery, and have a family dealing with various health issues which change life as we know it. I am very disappointed in the lack of depth of character you are revealing, being so tied up in a cosmetic issue…. Especially when your friends Eamon and Bec are dealing with breast cancer – a real issue and one that should put yours into perspective. And the fact that you can afford these treatments for the rest of your life – many people couldn’t do that. You are privileged to be able to do this, to even afford to get to where you need to be to have them! I see your video as a bit of a pity party and if I were your Mom or Grandma, I’d be telling you to find your strength within and realize you are the lucky ones without health issues that change the course of life. Grow up Elana – dig deep – keep this in perspective. None of us are 21 forever.

  28. Hi Marian,
    I totally agree with you ,see my letter a few above (Anthony ) what Elayna has is not life threatening or a debilitating illness as other people have and there’s no financial stress that an awful lot of folks are having now like choosing between heating or eating here in the UK and elsewhere.
    Not to count the utter misery of your country being overrun by torturing raping murderous thugs like in Ukraine, losing loved ones in front of your eyes, and your home, everything destroyed ,having to run for your lives to a foreign land if you are lucky, some are never seen again or are rotting in the fields, sorry to be graphic, its true, its evil ,if we had been born in Ukraine it could any of us.

    Elayna I would suggest you learn to appreciate a fit and beautiful body, a hard working husband ,two gorgeous kids, beautiful catamaran. 99% of us cant have anywhere near this amazing lifestyle in beautiful surroundings and never will, we can only watch from a distance.
    I’m not jealous I’m not the type, you reap what you sow. I know you and Riley and have worked hard to achieve all this, I’m very pleased for you.

    When my wife was dying 47 from Cervical cancer I had to pass though cancer wards to see her, it was heart-breaking to see the immense suffering mental and physical that these poor souls were going through and the doctors could do nothing much to help really, I’ve seen doctors in tears in utter frustration.
    I couldn’t do anything either ,it took 5 years for her to die ,I was her carer and had to give up work, after she died I lost my job soon after because of Rheumatoid Arthritis as described in my above letter and forced to live on benefits.. But I didn’t complain or give up ,these things can happen to anyone, to you.
    We decided to accept the situation , as it was terminal, of course we didn’t agree with it, but accepted it, which helped us cope to a great degree.
    This painful skin treatment you are having ,how do you know you are not sowing the seeds of cancer or end up like a wrinkled prune?

    Sorry Elayna , this is hard love I feel you need …….I’m old enough to be your Grandad and am speaking as I would to my own grandson ,and he wouldn’t like it either ! sometimes real Love hurts, but it heals too if you let it.

    Thank your blessings of which you have very many.
    Love Tony x

  29. Hello Elayna Ahoy!
    Intelligent life sees straight thru to the Sole of a person. You have a wonderful life long hart warming personality. You’re a wonderful mother. It is insane when another person says O I know someone who has a much worst problem. You can always say that to anyone. So should we never feel for one another? That is a narrow-minded person. I feel deeply for you and wish you all the best.
    Thanks for all the great information about sailing the world that you have contributed…

  30. Elayna,
    I have not seen your videos for a long time, and today I looked at the one wherein you admit your “problem”. As all the decent people who have responded, you are simply beautiful, both physically and psychologically/personality. My long-time girl friend has the same thing. She spent a tremendous amount of time in the sun and has had babies. I may be wrong, but I believe these things may contribute to this skin condition. I took her to a dermatologist (same diagnosis) who prescribed a topical gel with a bunch of chemicals in it and she is supposed to apply it at bed time (not to be used in the sun). This multi drug gel contains: 8% Hydroquinone, Tretinoin 0.1%, Kojic acid 1.0%, Niacinamide 4.0%, and Flurocinonide 0.025% and gel. The trouble is she doesn’t use it, so I don’t know how well it would work. (She is a doctor’s “bad” patient!!) So, ask your doctor if this or a similar approach may be appropriate in lieu of the painful laser treatments (maybe NOT appropriate due to you being in the sun and reflective water so much). Another thing, since I am much, much older than the two of you I get to give you some advice my “dumb” parents gave me: Use a hat and religiously lots of sunblock (water resistant sunblock even in the water). You two live in a world of intense UV radiation. (I used to live in Florida). I did not take precautions. Now I have to have “sunspots” frozen off my head and face every year by my dermatologist. They make me look older. It hurts too. Please don’t publish my comment. I am so glad you two get to live such full and happy lives; keep it up.

  31. Hi Elayna and all those who have tried to be supportive ,I came across this story by accident on Quora and believe it to be also supportive and helpful . Please take it in that Spirit.

    “A man married a beautiful girl. He loved her very much. One day she developed a skin disease. Slowly she started to lose her beauty. It so happened that one day her husband left for a tour. While returning he met with an accident and lost his eyesight. However, their married life continued as usual. But as days passed she lost her beauty gradually. Blind husband did not know this and there was not any difference in their married life. He continued to love her and she also loved him very much. One day she died. Her death brought him a great sorrow. He finished all her last rites and wanted to leave that town.

    A man from behind called and said, “Now how will you be able to walk all alone? All these days your wife used to help you”. He replied, “I am not blind. I was acting because if she knew l could see her skin condition due to a disease, it would have pained her more than her disease. I didn’t love her for her beauty alone, but I fell in love with her caring and loving nature. So I pretended to be blind. I only wanted to keep her happy”.

    Moral: When you truly love someone, you will go to any extent to keep your loved one happy and sometimes it is good for us to act blind and ignore one another’s short comings in order to be happy. The Beauty will fade with time, but heart and soul will always be the same. Love the person for what he/she is from inside, not from outside.
    I’m sure Riley feels this way.

    There was also photo of a very beautiful lady with the post of about your age Elayna ,absolutely covered in large freckles all over her body, but I dont know how to post it on here.
    Beauty really is more than skin deep , God and everyone loves you the way you are as a person , you should also love yourself the way you are and look ,looks will change dramatically for us all, but the way you are inside should grow in love and wisdom.
    Love, Grandad Tony xxx

    Love Tony xxx

  32. Hi Elayna~

    Listened to your story with a sad heart. Aloe Gel is a natural sunblock and skin healer. I use Aloe Vera Gel Herbal Blend by Nature’s Life. Also honey is a great healer ……. you can do honey masks. Warm the honey spread on your face and let dry ……….. Just something else to try …….Borage cream by Shiki is a great lotion as well.
    As many have said your beauty radiates from within and you shine. Be strong …………ox

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