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  1. I enjoyed this episode and the adventure of the Ragged Islands it provided. Since you asked what we enjoyed seeing, I will volunteer that I do not like the touchy feely high drama episodes such as when you had your face done or Riley’s very long flagellation of himself for sailing over the reef. A very short one sentence statement that you have to stay vigilant to avoid hitting a reef would suffice or a one sentence statement that you had to have or chose to have the laser treatment to address skin damage from the sun would be sufficient. We have plenty of drama in our normal lives. I miss the adventures you used to share where you go to some great place, explore a trail or fort or place, photograph critters, and places and I enjoy the technical sailing issues. I have a 47′ sailing catamaran as well but I’d like to see exactly how you get weather information, send e-mails, etc. when you’re out to see or solve other sailing issues. Actually go into some detail, e.g., rather than just saying we receive e-mails over this device, also show how to set the device up and use it. But I think you have to get back to the kinds of episodes that made La Vagabond so popular—adventures in new places. Shooting and cooking the same fish on five sequential episodes doesn’t constitute adventure, but going to a new island, exploring the island, and shooting and cooking the same fish might be an adventure.

  2. Riley’s summation at the end about the appeal of the long form video was spot-on. Gave a great sense of the pace of the day.

  3. Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant. The video comes across so real and draws you in to all that’s around. Having sailed most of my life I especially was drawn to the shots of the bows cutting through the seas giving the motion and sounds of the water rushing by. I loved it and the area allows for that sort of beauty along with sea life just going about its own business. The heat of the day and the relaxation that is provided by the sun and those beautiful sea colours just makes you want to nap. No one to bother anyone but to be in the middle of no where and come across a “No Trespassing” sign just makes me seeth with the arrogance that suggests.

  4. Hi guys I see youv’e been giving Darwin his cutie pills. Was that a goatfish? Elayna you asked if any one heard of any creams that help melasma well I keep getting this ad from Ethanos and thier videos look pretty good for the Anti blemish cream. I can’t verify but it may be worth trying a bottle they say it takes a hundred days but I agree with Riley though just looks like freckles. Beautiful place your at. Great video. peace out

  5. loved this episode. it is more like reality rather than produced. it is so nice to see how beautiful it is on the water and those beautiful beaches etc

  6. This is to Riley

    Really enjoyed this ‘raw and real’ episode and I would rather you didn’t publish this question but I have to ask; how is it that your wife can have two children and still look so beautiful first thing in the morning?
    Is it the boating life? Is it genetics? Elayna’s diet? Does she workout obsessively?
    I realize that you have built this lifestyle and good on you but you are truly blessed mate.

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