LIFE CHANGING DECISION (We’re not Selling Our Catamaran)

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  1. Maybe I missed it but have you explained why you are building and shifting to a trimaran?

    1. I think they said they were going with a trimaran for stability and comfort as there family grows. I may be wrong though.

  2. Wow. What a wonderful episode. You all look happy…and equally important, grateful how your lives are evolving. Good luck with the vagabond adventures. I will check it out.

  3. I must say this is the most enjoyable episode I have seen you guys film in quite sometime. Nothing seems forced… you seem happy again and it is good to see u on the cat again. I stopped watching for a bit but after this recent episode I am back on board.. cheers and great to see La Vaga will live on in periodic charter excursions.. peace ??❤️

  4. Hi Elayna!
    My husband and I love watching all your videos! I have a few questions! What kind of toilet paper do you use? What kind of soap/shampoo? What about your monthy cycle? Do you wash clothes in a bucket and then air dry! How do you get 365 whole food on your boat! Not sure if you can answer!! If so, THANK YOU!!! XO

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