Packing up our boat FOREVER (Our last week Onboard..)

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  1. I just happen to find your channel around the 4 or 5th video . Seen everyone sense , I started to write down all the slang words but it was to difficult.

  2. Been following you two for a long time from the first boat to now the third. Wishing the whole family safety and happiness as you all move on to the next chapter. I love sailing but probably will never see the day I can afford one of my own. Stay safe my friends and happy sailing! Randy G.

  3. I know how you feel about getting rid of your boat, with all the memories. I had a PT cruiser that I had both of my grandsons rode in when they were babies. All the memories of them in it and all the fun we had (it had a moon roof they would stick there heads out of. Was real sad to get rid of it. But there will be more memories and you will never forget your boat. Love you guys. Love you shows, I live in Montana so don’t get to travel much and I get to travel with all of you. Thanks.

  4. I love following you guys! It would be so much more enjoyable if after each blog you left a quick way to find the next one in sequence. I certainly wish that I had pursued a life like this on the water. I now live vicariously through your beautiful family!

  5. Hi guys. I’ve been aboard since about the 4th video, care of my Aussie friend ‘Captain Andy’ out of Sydney.
    I also enjoyed sailing with my two kids from toddler-hood although it was primarily weekends and in the somewhat sheltered waters of Georgian Bay, Ontario. I do remember them rolling and thumping in the V berth, fast asleep during nap time in their life jackets, as I tacked back and forth.
    I completed the purchase of a Bayfield 32C yesterday so finally have all I need to ‘head south’ to duck these Canadian winters!
    I’m excited to see your family as you transition into the new boat!
    Long may your big jib draw.

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