What it’s like to LIVE in a LIGHTHOUSE!

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  1. Enjoyed the lighthouse. Thanks We used to do so much more before a broke an ankle and tibia. Enjoy life while you can. Stay safe.

  2. I just found you and your family online. What a great story! Stay safe and keep living every man’s dream!

  3. Love you guys and your beautiful kiddos`. Love when you guys are in the Bahamas. The water is oceansI lived in the Florida Keys for quite a while which is just 3-4 hours away. It is so touristy now I lived there 40ish yrs ago. It was great. Now they have too many rules and restrictions. But they are taking much better care of our incredible oceans. Because of my health I know I will never see the ocean again. So thank you so much.

  4. sorry about my goofy post don,t know what happened. Have a wonderful New year in your new home.

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