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  1. Alana and Riley hi it’s Damian from the uk I’ve been watching news since day one when you started your journey, but to be fair I’ve not seen it for the last several years just like to ask have you had another child because I’ve just watched use sorry watched your video and I found another child and I was like wow, that just shows how long I’ve not seen before. I was actually gonna come to France when you first got your catamaran, but now I believe you’re getting a trimaran very fast boats PS bye for now thanks from Damian

  2. Don’t worry about cultural appropriation. Only idiots will bring that crap up. People have borrowed everything from food, fashion and hairstyles from various other cultures for millennia. Anyone who complains about that needs to shut their pie hole!

  3. Marty, my family is currently caught up in a court case where an individual is making a mockery of our culture by claiming to be a new age cultural leader of our community. It would be good if you could develop some sensitivities to the depth of culture as the only thing that some of us can hold on too.

    1. I’m totally in love with your kids 🙂 and your just an inspiration to happy for you guys that you’ll have a place to stay a third of the year, it’s healthy for all of you.hope you enjoy Bally it’s Beautiful I’m sure.Ori from my boy lives in Byron bay 😏😏

  4. I agree that there is a spectrum of cultural appropriation. I think it is sad that our global society is in such a state that enjoying and showing appreciation for other cultures through fashion/ style causes people pain. But from the perspective of a white woman who has grown up with more privilege than many, I think avoiding wearing things that would be considered cultural appropriation is the least I can do. Context also has a huge roll to play. Living in Asia, there will likely be many times you are doing things with Asian friends (who know your intentions) and wearing uniquely Asian clothes will be completely appropriate. But when it comes to the content you post for a global audience… what about the person riding the bus who was just called a racial slur and then sees someone who looks like the racist who just abused them wearing a symbol of their culture? And the 1000s of others with similar experiences. Is it worth causing them pain? At the end of the day, I think practicing mindfulness of cultural appropriation is a really easy way to show respect to people who have been disrespected by my race for generations.

    1. My “ah-ha” moment about cultural appropriation:
      My family’s background is mostly ranching and rodeo. I was raised in the city, but brought up to be proud and respectful of my western heritage. I would never wear a dude hat (silly version of a cowboy hat) because it is a trivialization of a symbol my family is proud of. The groom of the wedding I was going to was making a big deal about wearing his cowboy boots. It immediately p****d me off and I had no idea why I was so angry. When I vented to my friend (who happened to be indigenous), she said “that’s what cultural appropriation feels like.” She then reminded me of the times I had been irked by him telling me I was wrong (when I was right) and grossly exaggerating his experience with rodeo and ranching. His past behaviour completely changed my reaction to someone with no real connection to western culture dressing up in western clothes. (Side Note: True to form, the “cowboy boots” ended up being a completely different type of work boot). At face value, someone who’s never been on a horse dressing up in a dude hat & cowboy boots is technically cultural appropriation. But a cowboy costume generally isn’t offensive. The difference is that the western culture is predominantly white and not something people are discriminated against for. You aren’t more likely to get arrested or not get a job because you’re wearing a cowboy hat. No one has ever tried to take my culture away from me. At most, a friend might roll their eyes when I play country music. When you aren’t a target of discrimination, having a sense of humour about your culture is natural. So when I see someone wearing a dude hat it feels like they are appreciating an aspect of my culture, not stealing it. Unless they have insulted me on the topic… then they can f-off lol

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