This is our NEW TRIMARAN! (Boat Build Begins!)

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  1. Amazing trimaran. That baby is huge!! We love watching your videos. I would say register your new trimaran in the USA or Australia but I fear far too many restrictions from their governments. How about a free and happy place like Thailand or Philippines. Maybe the builders would appreciate your picking Vietnam in celebration and appreciation of their hard work?? Cheers!!

  2. When it comes to where to register the boat. You could look into Darwin (well all of Northern Territory)
    There is no boat rego or boat licenses. it’s a bit of a free for all.
    I’m not sure if this would stand around the world, but worth a look into.

  3. Your latest video of your new boat YouTube has put age restrictions on it so can’t view. Doesn’t help you, I am over 18 by a bit.
    Just letting you know

  4. Cook Islands. Super easy and cheap and zero hassle. Renewals can be arranged for 1, 2 or 3 year periods.

  5. Congratulations to your new boat!

    When you upgrade next time, you are welcome here 😊

    I think it would be best to register in British Virgin Is.

    Good luck and stay safe! ❣️

  6. I think Panama is the registry for most all commercial ships, not sure why, but must be a good reason

  7. Caymen Island. Kind of a sail but it is worth it. I am so happy for you, I have been watching you when you had one hull, then two hulls now three hulls. How much farther does this dream go. Will you own a cruise ship and put Carnival out of business? I love watching you two I know we don’t see everything but what we do see is so much fun. You boys are so cute, they could pass as twins. Such lucky little boys to learn about life and sailing and seeing terrific places. Here’s to many more trips. You all work so hard to make videos that look like it is a cake walk. Looking forward to the new boat

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