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  1. With every life change, life grows in complexity. Savour the moments, because the moments with the people we love are the foundations of our futures. Namaste

  2. U guys rock n got the best lifestyle u could ever ask for or want,half ur luck doing it, id just wish that i could do it as the ocean is home to me ,n.seeing of the world sailing would be the most beautifulest thing ever so much to see by sea ,best of luck to u both n ur 2 boys what awesome experience they have got growing up on the ocean ,ive been a commercial fisherman for many years n i never wanted to go back to land to unload but had to ,but the best was i knew i was heading back put again after couple days from unloading n cleaning up n more stores,unfinished im.not able to do commercial fishing anymore but if i had half of a chance of doing what u guys are doing it would be a dream,to do ,best of luck n love watching ur adventures n best of luck with ur new boat once shes finished cheers

  3. I have been watching your videos for a while now and think you both are amazing. Lenny and Darwin are adorable. I love watching your videos, they are amazing and you have gone to lots of beautiful places and taken us with you. I hope you keep on providing us with them. By watching your videos, I wish I would have taken more interest in water activities, such as boating, sailing, snorkeling, etc. But I didn’t and at my age I have a phobia concerning deep water, but you both make it look like so much fun. Keep on keeping on.

  4. Love you guys !! You keep life real !! Your honesty is so refreshing ! Just started watching you !! Best wishes Heather

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