Our most devastating fishing trip so far…

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  1. After I watched the documentary Seaspiracy my husband & I stopped eating all seafood – Because the seas are getting depleted. Glad to hear you’re going vegetarian Riley.

  2. I think its actually a world wide phenomenon that nobody wants to accept. Here we we are (Plettenberg Bay, South Africa) the fish sizes have gone drastically over the past years. Hake sizes was over 2kg now maybe 1kg. Silvers and red fish also all down. Every now and again there will be a burst of big fish just to go down again after that. Cob use to be like over 1m now lucky to get 40cm. It’s sad what we have done to the ocean with industry, pollution, over fishing and just total disregard for our eco systems.

    All the best for you guys.

  3. I think I speak for all your fans in saying that we’d fully support you if you need to take a break from making the vlogs for a while – and focus on your family at this time. I hope your little one is feeling better, and good luck in nam 🙂

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