Raw, Unfiltered BOAT LIFE (Extended Cut) in Thailand!

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  1. I like the final thoughts you should end every video with a little Riley recap called final thoughts 😃

  2. What did you do to deserve this? Like hubby said. The finger of God is moving you all forward in life. You have great karma.

  3. I love your videos thank you taking me on your amazing adventures! Can you make a video one day about parenting on a boat? Homeschool? Christmas traditions? Birthdays?

    Again thank you for everything from Hilton Head Island SC USA!

  4. Hi, Iam coming to you from New Zealand. I was in USA for 40 years. Had a 52 foot , 1946 Stephens. Carvel planking, cedar from Oregon, top was mahogany from Honduras, milled in Holland. Quite a statement boat, was known in San Diego waters as the “Humphrey Bogart “. Great memories
    Iam turning 81 and have watched you 2 from your early days. It is wonderful that you are sharing your whole life journey with the world. Your children are an absolute delight and what a challenge it has been to keep them safe and yet so free to grow. Congratulations you have achieved what most people just dream about. I did subscribe but it got kicked back to me, no idea why. Waiting to see you all on the NEW boat! If I was younger would be doing it too. Peace and goodwill to you both and the boys. Cheers, Jill Cameron/arist

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