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  1. Hi guys…I’ve truly enjoyed traveling with you these past few years. I’ve never written to you before but I thought I’d encourage you to look up my friend, Paulus Wiratno who leads a wonderful organization in Denpasar, Bali called Mercy Indonesia. I think you would enjoy learning about the many orphanages they run in Indonesia. The boys might make some great friends too. But most of all, Paulus, his wife Marlysea and their staff are truly beautiful people. That’s it. Praying you enjoy the healing found in Bali!

  2. Thank you for being so honest about your journey and I truly hope you start to feel better soon!

    Take into consideration too that you are on a much smaller boat with two little active boys, and no additional help to relieve you and Riley.

    Plus it’s always more stressful when it’s not your boat and you worry if you or your kids are going to stain or tear or break something.

    It’s 24/7 work being a parent and having an extra pair of hands and a little more space to spread out can a true lifesaver!

    Are the high levels of heavy metals from all the fish you eat? Maybe Riley
    Should be tested too. You eat so healthy it’s such a shame we have to worry about toxins and metals and mercury and forever plastics.

    Praying for your health and recovery!

    1. I second that suggestion. If Riley were to be tested and you shared the results if might help to determine the source of these ‘heavy metals’. It’s not a stretch to wonder if the green smoothies might be contributing in some way…

      1. My son struggled for 2 years with mystery illness that put him on short term disability.

        We thought it was tied to multiple MRIs he had in a very short period of time to figure out what was going on. He’d been having panic attacks, sleeplessness, depression, heart palpitations and the other variables. We understood it could be from the dyes they use in rare earth elements like gadolinium and others in these dyes. We discovered that was part of the problem. If you need to get an MRI try to avoid the dyes and if you can’t do not get more than one MRI in a period of time probably six months. The rare earth are very difficult to extreat from the body.

        The second and main discovery was mold! He moved into a new apartment no less and it turned out the place even being new had a mold issue. This one, once tested was very dangerous mold type and he had to throw out literally everything he owned and move again.

        So the discovery was mold, and second because of his health symptoms as a result doctors ran him through multiple MRIs within 2 months and the rare earth metal elements poisoned his body.

        Today he’s back to work feeling better but still on the road to recovery.

        So check for mold and if it’s related to heavy metals it is very very difficult to cleanse from the body. There are protocols you can try.

        My son is very very knowledgeable now so if anyone wants his feedback feel free to reach out to me.

        God Bless you Riley and Elayna and thank you for blessing us with your journey and transparency. Praying for you all.

      2. Gup, your right Riley should get tested as well and maybe the kids.

        It could be the greens. There is a lot of contaminated products on the market these days with found high levels of metals to include greens. Don’t buy protects unless specifically tested and tested by third partner labs.

        Many products today label them tested and tested for heavy metals.

    2. The Formation of Money Rolls/Clumping of the Bloodcells, which may have been incorrectly diagnosed as heavy metal pollution, could also be attributed to the mRNA-Vaccination against Corona. In Germany, where I live, there was a small Experiment with 8 Participants (Probanden), 4 of them were vaccinated (geimpft) with mRNA-Vaccines, the other 4 were not (ungeimpft).


      1. The vaccines have been a killer.

        Destroying peoples immunity and having all kinds of consequences on people’s health. And Tobias to your point true.

        Sadly woman most effected by the vaccines and alternatively men as well.

        They weren’t a protector and while billions where made by big Pharma and other nefarious the people suffered then, now and in the future as a result of these MRNA dna altering weapons.

        It’s particularly painful when folks have died close to you because of these vaccines.

        One of these days here in this life or after those that were part of it all will face consequences and after this life eternal for what they did to people and they knew it.

        1. Hi Andy, I had 2 vacs. in 2020 that just about took me out. Was hospitalized for not being able to breathe and getting so ill that I lost 20 pounds on a 5’1” frame. Finally said NO MORE. No more trusting drugs that haven’t been tested long enough. No more freaking influencing from the media, who just want to scare us to pieces and make us paranoid. I’ve been healthy ever since, And I’m almost 63 now.

  3. Dear Riley & Elayna,

    CDS and Dr. Andreaskalcker is the answer to your blood issue. andreaskalcker.com is the website. There are videos in his library on how to make your own CDS from HCL and sodium chlorite. You can buy these components in a liquid form from a pharmacy. Happy Trails to you and the boys!

  4. You may have Reactive Hypoglycemia. It can cause the same symptoms that you describe. You should also be tested for allergies.

  5. Chlorella spring water also cilantro are suppose to expell heavy metals. I commend you for being proactive with the blood work. Just do yourselfs a favour and stay out of american hospitals. not high on the track scores and You can check in any time you like but you may never leave.

  6. I would love to discuss your journey with you Elena, I have been through a similar time, also went to a retreat, met some incredible women who work with healing and I also live aboard with my kids… if you would like, let’s chat via email?

  7. Elayna, it’s obvious that you’re reconnecting with your old friends and are wanting a sense of community and home. Riley on the other hand has gone off on this tangent with the trimaran, which is going to cost you guys a fortune. Making you film your entire lives for the next 5 plus years in order to pay it off? It seems you don’t want to. Go home, reconnect with your old friends and enjoy your life.. There’s no way you’re going to live the next 5 / 10 years burning yourself out, stuck out at sea in order to live Riley’s dream. Maybe it’s time to turn the page, instead of trying to smile and pretend you are still enjoying life at sea?

  8. Hi crew, don’t beat yourself up for feeling flat at the moment. Things will improve. Make sure you do something good for yourself and selves. Look what you have been through, 2 kids, new boat, thousands of nautical miles, work and boat maintenance not to mention the chores of life that we all go through. Take care.

  9. Depression is treatable. Go get some medication (I know, bad word for this group) because it can up the levels of brain chemistry. Once you are sleeping, less anxious and no so reactive, you will be able to make choices. It won’t make crazy or suddenly well, just gradually more in control. Don’t think you can think your way to wellness. It’s chemical. All the best in recovery!

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