What we Really Think of Sailboats under $100,000 (Pros, Cons, Sacrifices..)

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  1. Remember when you said a long time ago in one of the vids, that when you first met Riley there was something about his eyes and you didn’t trust him. Perhaps the gnawing feeling you get, although all of the material success, is the fact that deep down you know Riley is using you.. he doesn’t want to go back to an oil rig and has almost no skill set.. ask yourself honestly, if you weren’t on the boat with the channel and instead on land, do you think he would stay with you? and you him? you can’t fake ” love and that is the missing piece here. The same reason that Riley allows you to use your body to keep the channel going. Of course all of the guys love it and yet it must feel degrading to yourself. This is exactly what built the following and is exactly what is paying the bills. No man who loves a woman would be doing anything this guy does. The same way a guy wouldn’t let the woman he loves do only fans. It’s sad because this is why you don’t experience true happiness it seems. The need to constantly show your body and the fact you are with a man who doesn’t truly love you. Is it really worth it all this many years later? Money isn’t everything.

  2. The person that commented above knows nothing. Please don’t let these people post on your site. Some people feel like they have the right to judge other people just because they choose to document their lives on youtube.

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