Sailing the Rainbow Warrior!

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  1. When I was young I lived in St. croix and took a trip to Buck Island national reef when I took the snokeling trail. I jumped in and was so taken by that underwater world I saw.I remember almost choking by the shock of what it was and wanting to get back on the boat. But was so intrigued and continued once I got a grip The beauty I witnessed there is rare now. maybe sparce is a better word I recently watched a video of what it looks like today. All can say is total devestation. like a town hit by a bomb. Sad but true. I think it has something to do with the black sea urchin which use to be everywhere cleaning the coral. Maybe if they could bio engineer one that can live in warmer climates.

  2. This trip on the Rainbow Warrior was awesome.

    Keep up the great work !!!

    It motivates me

  3. Here comes condescending Riley, who likes to think he is intellectual, when in reality has a low iq. You will never be smart like your dad and it eats away at you. You take this out on your followers, constantly belittling them the minute anyone questions anything you do. I’ve got news for you, your following doesn’t represent the real world, where in reality most of the population ( outside of your parasocial cult follower channel) who thinks you two are grifters! You constantly put your beautiful children in harms way, including the monkey’s in Thailand. Like you didn’t know there were monkeys there, you literally went looking for them. You put your children in harm’s way in order to get media clout and $$$. Then you mocked the tourists who didn’t help you when neither did your camera guy. He continued to film instead of ” helping you”. P.S what happened to Greta and all of her predictions? She had to delete her social media posts about doom and gloom because they never eventuated in the time frame she said they would. p.s stop looking up big words in the dictionary Riley, it just makes you sound like you’re trying too hard. No wonder you keep encouraging Elayna ( the airhead) to take off her clothes, in order to keep the $$ rolling in. What else would you guys do if it weren’t for youtube? Money doesn’t buy class or intelligence. As your dad said when you dressed up for the awards, ” finally showing some class”. It wasn’t a Freudian slip, he literally meant you have no class whatsoever. Go and humble yourself and get an actual skill instead of duping your followers who are starting to wake up about who you ” really are”.

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