Excellent Music to Take on a Sneaky Boat Tour

Hello Vagabonds, we’re at it again with some great new tunes to treat our ears to this week. From blues and roots to ambient electronic music we have you covered. If you haven’t already, go check out the latest episode of SLV for a tour of the brand spankin’ new catamaran, she’s certainly a beauty and worth becoming acquainted with! You can check it out here;


We hope you enjoy this weeks selection of music, please help us promote these excellent artists by clicking on their links, liking and sharing this post, you can also find playlists with all of our featured artists on Soundcloud by following the link bellow;



Chris Okunbor – www.chrisokunbor.net

Blues and Roots Singer-Songwriter Chris O has a strong penchant for constructing music that draws the listener into her story telling, her music jumps out at you and forces your foot to tap or your head to bob. Her rhythm is undeniable, her soul shines, all this backed with a strong work ethic and a hectic gigging and recording schedule.

“Chris O is a solo artist, based in Katoomba, NSW. Singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist, she arrives at gigs carrying her gear like a pack pony ~ juggling dobro, banjo, lapslide, ukes, and plain ole guitars, just a few of the instruments she plays.”


Porch Guitar – https://www.facebook.com/porchguitar

Tom Owens aka Porch Guitar is a favourite here on SLV, his lo-fi improvisational style of guitar playing is a delight to listen to. The name Porch Guitar rings very true,

Tom says, “Guitar Improv on the front porch. Structured as it happens. Sounds of nature. Cars go by. Neighbors wave. Yeah..”

As you hear the music this kind of scene is very easy to imagine, a park out the front, the sounds of birds chirping, and of course Tom noodling away on his front porch.



Amarante – https://soundcloud.com/amarantemusic

Josh and Jysi from Los Angeles form the alternative-folk duo of Amarante, specialising in an ethereal and captivating blend of music which they have recorded themselves. Melding haunting vocals together with an interesting arrangement of sounds to create an open and airy feel, the product is something very easy to listen to.






Mika – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOiU0L4PZQH3mpnN7tQGMIw

Featuring airy, guitar driven tunes, Mika succeeds in turning a hobby into art for all to enjoy. Hendrix-esque tones are at the fore, while many tracks are supplemented by a minimalist drum beat to support seriously groovy riffs.







Luna Park – https://soundcloud.com/welcome_to_luna_park

The uplifting and ambient stylings of Luna Park are made to get people moving, heavy synth loops lace their way around a driving drum beat creating a pensive mood that is still absolutely danceable.







Thats all for this week, tune in again next week for more brand new music from artists from around the world. Feel free to comment to let us know what you think of our selection of artists and if you have any suggestions we would absolutely love to hear them. Huge thanks to the artists who let us use their music on our videos, we love you guys! Don’t forget to go have a listen and spread the word by liking and sharing this post, it would mean the world to us if you did.

Until next time..


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  1. I haven’t seen you mention Ben Howard’s music anywhere, but I think you guys would LOVE him. Especially: These Waters, Promise, Gracious, and Only Love. He’s a surfer from Wales.

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