Famous Journeys and Music for Nightmares (Episode 118 & 119)

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Excellent new music and excellent musicians for christmas on SLVM..

Hello Vagabonds, once again we are full to the brim with talented musicians, direct to you from planet earth. As we are nearing the end of the year we would like to say thank you to everyone for supporting and helping share the music from the SLV episodes to the world. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

The biggest thanks of all goes to the artists letting us play their music each week, we love you! Keep an eye out for the upcoming blog which gives a wrap up of every musician and every song from 2017.

If you haven’t seen the latest episodes of SLV, you can get up to speed below. Check out the embedded Youtube, SoundCloud and Spotify players. By the way, all the videos are now close captioned, which could definitely help understand our Australian slang, enjoy!

Our Journey through the Famous Corinth Canal! (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 118

Woohoo! We made it through the famous Corinth Canal – Greece. The canal is 8m deep and excavated at sea level so it doesn’t need any locks. It took them 12 years to make it and it was first opened in 1893. The canal shaves off a 700km journey around the Peloponnese peninsula and around 11,000 ships pass through each year, mostly small vessels that can handle the narrowness and are able to dodge the result of landslides the sit under the surface. Join us on La Vagabonde as we cruise right on through with my pal Kayla and of course Daniel usually hiding somewhere behind the scenes. Videos made with love, SLV xo * Future videos available @ https://www.patreon.com *

Episode 118

NIGHTMARE AT SEA!!! (everything goes wrong) Ep. 119

Drifting out to sea, in 40 knots of wind, attached to another vessel by anchor chain. We had to be rescued by the coast guard that turned out to be an extremely old fishing boat. The Meltemi wind was blowing a steady 35 – 40 knots all day, we were safely anchored in a sheltered bay UNTIL… another boat anchored on top of our anchor and off we went, attached to one another, just avoiding running into a super yacht in the anchorage and then out to sea. The video is pretty self explanatory. I’m going to save my energy in writing a huge description to go a grab a well earned beer. What a day. The worst day of my whole life.

Episode 119


Have a listen to the talent from the last couple of episodes in the embedded players below…





Miner – https://soundcloud.com/thisisminer

Miner are excitingly emotive purveyors of folk-rock combined with art. Songs are constructed carefully, with several layers of sound applied in just the right amount in all the right places. Consisting of friends, relatives and partnership, Miner gel together through songwriting, shared experience, soaring harmonies and intricate instrumentals. Featuring husband and wife team Justin and Kate miner, brother Jeremy and good friend Tobias Urbanczyk, the team have been through some highs and some personal lows together. Check out the album Tuanaki for insight into their struggle and success.

Tashaki Miyaki – https://soundcloud.com/tashakimiyaki

Music conjuring an oh-so-tasty spin of the so-cal steering wheel down to a beach like Malibu, Venice or even Laguna, hitting the good vibes and sounding grimy as the local dive bar. Downing dollar shooters never had a better soundtrack, and Tashaki Miyaki keep it quality, with reverb laden vocal tracks that palpate against the fuzz of lazy guitar riffs and the occasional violin for good measure. Listen up if you want to dream of the Californian sun beating down on your surfboard while enjoying a dripping ice-cream cone, man.


Jon Tessier – https://www.jontessier.com

Jon is a well travelled independent song writer, producer and musician. Born in Brazil, living in Malaysia, Canada, France and now residing in Spain, he has taken music with him throughout his travels and developed a sound of his own. Described as guitar driven pop with an alternative rock edge, he draws on experience from the likes of Hendrix, Pantera and Prince. Take a look at his website to discover his hectic touring schedule.



The Fabric – https://open.spotify.com/artist/5vMgz…

The Fabric are an entourage of nine talented group members. Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, they write a contemporary style of orchestral drama-pop that is suited to the underground bars of the most liveable city in Australia. Angie McMahon is set upon a cloud of music, driven by a powerful brass section, ska guitar, organs and more. Backed by skilled percussion, bass and the aforementioned arsenal of sound, Ms McMahon is able to project her voice and story with complete confidence.


Hugo Cottu – https://hugocottu.bandcamp.com/

Hugo plays guitar with the soul objective of getting people to groove out. His silky smooth style of guitar playing compliments guest vocalists perfectly, creating an atmosphere conducive of having a boogie. And boogie we will! Keep an ear out for more from the talented youngster..




Steve Maloney – https://www.stevemaloneymusic.com

Newfoundland born and trained vocalist and songwriter Steve Maloney has been on the receiving end of heady praise. Soul-quenching, rich vocal melodies shine alongside guitar mastery. Steve released his EP ‘The Memory Game’ late this year, and it is nothing short of a masterpiece. Described as a cathartic dip into the past, “The album draws from feelings of detachment and loneliness, contemplation and acceptance.” Expect a vocal and instrumental maturity painstakingly carved into his persona throughout the years.

Luis Trinidad –  https://luistrindade.bandcamp.com

A wonderful melancholic resonance underpins Luís Trindade’s method, murmuring heartfelt words along the ebb and flow of rhythmic guitar. An unsigned artist producing his own music, Luís only has music that exists in the digital realm. He garners an impressive online following, and beautiful, meaningful music continues. Luis’ latest offering, ‘Can You See This Darkness’ is available on his Bandcamp webpage and is definitely worth a listen, check it out!

“If you like my music please support me, you can download my LP at bandcamp, or through a donation to luistrindade83@gmail.com. I don´t have a label, so my music exists only in digital editions. Thanks for the visit and for giving a listen to my music.”

Jimmy Pinch –  https://jimmypinch.bandcamp.com/album…

Moody and melancholic, grimy and dark, Jimmy Pinch writes an experimental style of alternative rock. Songs are characterised by the voice of a down-tuned electric guitar, speaking above the crash of jazz-style drums and a walking bass line. Although nodding to the darker spectrum of music, it speaks to an ethereal side of consciousness if given the chance. Listen in for layers of chaotic guitar voicing that throw so, so much shade and take you into Jimmy’s lair of music.



Thanks for stopping by legends, we hope to see you again next time…



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