Finally, Some New Music! Ep.86

Hey there Vagabonds! Welcome back to another week of great new music and a little bit of information on the artists who help make the show what it is. Every week when we release a new Vlog on YouTube, we’re lucky enough to be able to create a mood and atmosphere with the help of the wonderful music we uncover.  If you haven’t seen the latest episode, you can check it out right here;

Without these artists and their music the show simply would not be the same, I certainly cant imagine the SLV without it! So to return these musicians with a little bit of love for sending us their music, we have created this weekly music blog to shed some light on the artists and hopefully give them a little exposure to our audience. You can listen to this weeks artists for free in the embedded SoundCloud player above, and keep reading to find out more about the talent we’ve featured this week. Don’t forget to check out the links to their pages, like and share, it would mean the world to us if you did!



Heelbay –

Producing an eclectic, calming and enchanting soundscape, Gold Coast local Heeblay succeeds in delivering a layered texture of sounds backed by a haunting yet soothing vocal, the low key chanting of words resonates amidst a cluster of stringed, wind and percussive instruments the likes of which would be difficult to pronounce let alone play. Heeblay says on his Facebook page, (

“Hey, I have no Label or A & R people or media packages or publicist or anything like that, I just make this music.
So, if you like it, then “like” it”

Heeblay has recently released the album ‘Something Big and Beautiful Like the Sky’ which is available on Bandcamp.



Josh and Jysi from Los Angeles form the alternative-folk duo of Amarante, specialising in an ethereal and captivating blend of music which they have recorded and produced themselves. Melding haunting vocals together with an interesting arrangement of sounds to create an open and airy feel, the final product is eminently listenable. If you have enjoyed past productions from the talented duo, then you will be happy to know Amarante are about to release their fifth record, ‘Spirit of the Abyss’, available June 17th. Preceding the record, most recently the song “Brave” has been released and is well worth a listen.


Luís Trindade

A wonderfully melancholic resonance underpins Luís Trindade’s method as he murmurs heartfelt words alongside the ebb and flow of his rhythmic style of guitar playing. An unsigned artist producing his own music, Luís only has music that exists in the digital realm, however as he garners an impressive following on all of the music social platforms, it is probable he will become more eminent as his practice of beautiful, simple and meaningful continues. Be sure to check out his latest offerings, titled “2017 – Give Me New Colors to See – Demos” Available on SoundCloud.



Saving Change –

“Saving Change” is the acoustic music project of Michigan based singer-songwriter Jim Zuck. He began teaching himself to play the guitar about four years ago and quickly found that music became a way to release all the feelings that he couldn’t find the words to express.

Jim has a vocal and active subscriber base on SoundCloud and has featured on Sailing La Vagabonde several times.

Saving Change is a real singer-songwriter and his enchanting acoustic music and honest vocals blend together perfectly, keeping his fans returning to Soundcloud, most of his songs having thousands of plays.


Martin Piehlmeier –

This tremendously talented guitarist strums, picks, slaps and beats his way through songs which are rhythmically complex yet captivating. Although lacking a vocal presence, the music produced from a single guitar is melodically impressive and this melody does all of the talking. Pacing his way through several different moods in each song, each turn of a corner is another practice in guesswork, wondering where Martin will take you next in the soundscape he delicately weaves.




Sam Carmody

Sam has been releasing quietly impressive music on his Soundcloud account for a while now, music that has evidently evolved over time, from guitar heavy indie-rock to a more modern take on the genre seen in his first offering from the upcoming EP “War Artist”, named “Moby Dick”. Taking us down a more layered, vocally enchanting path, it will be interesting to see what else the WAM-award winning songwriter will have to offer in subsequent releases.

“A really special songwriter” – Lachie Macara, Triple J

“Sam Carmody is a real literary talent, with an artist’s inquiring mind and a natural feel for the beauty and toughness of language” – Charlotte Wood, author of the award-winning The Natural Way of Things


We hope you enjoyed this weeks SLVMusic blog featuring the artists from episode 86. Please feel free to leave a comment to say hello to the musicians or to suggest some music to us. Don’t forget to like and share this post and check out the links to this weeks artist! You can help us to help them.

Until next week,




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    I am trying to find the Sam Carmody – Moby Dick that version, you played in your “Close call with tiger shark” youtube video. Can you tell me where i can get that version?

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