Finally we’re Sailing again! BUT WHERE SHALL WE GO? Ep. 86


Welcome to the beautiful Whitsunday Islands, we sure are happy to be back on the water again. It should really be noted here how stoked we are for the opportunity to showcase our beautiful country. Australia being the best country in the world. Obviously. So where do you think we should sail to?!
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Song Credits:
00:07 Heelbay – Whatever, Sail Away
01:28 Smile – Saving Change
04:29 Old Town – Luís Trindade
05:48 Old Captain – Luís Trindade
06:56 Resurface – Martin Piehlmeier
08:43 Dead Man – Sam Carmody
11:33 Passion (instrumental) – Amarante
12:46 Brave (instrumental) – Amarante
13:31 Resurface – Martin Piehlmeier

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  1. Hey guys I did the 23&me profile… it is quite good but its even better if you send the data to Strategene once you get it (for another $45). The data you get on your profile in 23 & me is ok but the data Strategene digs out is amazing… it analyses all the raw data, stuff you and I can’t decipher. Then you need to track down a doc who can help you (which isn’t hard, I think they provide health care suggestions) … I just did mine and found out things that will help my body function better… strictly from the polymorphisms in my DNA and genetic code. Well worth the effort and quite a minimal cost.

  2. Go too the Cook Islands ,dudes,I don’t know is that in the pacific?where Tom hanks did the movie castaway!

  3. Our favourite Whitsunday anchorages – any of the bays on the north coast of Hook Is (Luncheon is our favourite), Blue Pearl Bay on the west of Hayman Is (and if they let you get out of the “charterer zone”, Bait, Hook Line or Sinker reefs a half day sail NE of Hook Is and either bay of Thomas Is. God’s Own Country!

    We have just purchased a 2015 FP Lipari41 in France and will be heading off down to Cape Verde and across the Atlantic ditch next year. How are your cruising plans for this year shaping up?

  4. There is nothing like sailing in the Caribbean. What a better way to get there then another Atlantic crossing.

  5. Hi Guys,
    Not sure where you should go, but where ever you choose I am looking forward to seeing the vids. Will be moving aboard a 49 footer in next couple months, getting her ready now. Hope to make it to your country, looks like there is a lot of good island hopping to experience. Going to be buying some camera equipment and Go Pro as well. You are so very inspirational. Maybe our paths will cross as we sail the seas.

  6. Cateran Bay, Border Island for the coral (assuming Debbie didn’t wreck it)
    Whitehaven Beach but stay overnight at Tongue Bay – head to Chalkies Beach for a day from there.
    Macona Inlet – on a calm night you can see the stars reflected off the water.
    Butterfly Bay and the bays to the North of Hook Island for diving.
    Palm Bay Hideaway – go into the lagoon and moor up stern to a palmtree.
    Cid Harbour if the weather gets bad.

    That’s just a taste if you are there for a short-time – there is so much more if you are there longer.

  7. Hello,
    If you go back to France, you should navigate along the Riviera, And if you will make a stop to Cannes or nearest, you are our guest for one week !!!!
    We will be so happy to show you some beautiful place here in France, the most amazing country of the world;-) and one of the French way of life .

    For more detail to organize your arrival contact me on my mail

  8. Hi Guys,
    make sure to visit the channel between Ferrier and Goldsmith Island, snorkel the dropoff for crayfish! There is one morring ball, it is private but owner hardly ever there! hayman Island North Side awesome snorkeling all allong NW side, if you like to see the milky way, sleep over at Butterfly Bay, no light polution best stargazing!
    Anchor in Cid harbour and climb the Whitsunday Peak from Sawmill Bay Beach, best views ever, about 32 min to the top is my PB, off Whitehaven beach is Lagoon Rock, nice snorkeling and outside the marine reserve for a fish, sail through the Solway passage and tow skirts, lots of Tuna around there, 15-20 KG.
    A must is a night at Nara Inlet, hammerhead breeding ground, and besides the outer reef, a must is to go to South Molle island, anchor or mooring buoy, and go ashore, it is a resot that closed years ago, the jetty is the best for taking photo’s, coconut galore, and various walking tracks giving you views to Hamilton Island, and another to a funny rock on top of the island, for the rest,….. all secret spots lol. Enjoy! I just traded my 46 ft monohull for a 40 ft Nautitec open 40 catamaran, just took delivery and will be in Whitsundays in 3 weeks time! Enjoy to the max Cheers Jorgen

  9. Great to see you guys back on the water. Looking forward to your adventures ahead of you.
    If I were ever in a position to travel the world, I would want to select places to visit randomly.
    I would get suggestions from friends & family (or your subscribers ?), filter the suggestions a little so that they are realistic (you need to plan a little of course, due to winds, weather etc), then assign each suggested destination a number (starting from 1). Then just roll the dice and whatever number the dice lands on is where you’ll be headed.
    (Taken from a very popular series on U.K. Television called “The Diceman”, check it out.
    Avidly watching you and best wishes from the UK.
    Namaste ??

  10. Hey Guys,
    Great episode and good to see you back on the water. Check out Pinnacle Bay and Manta Ray Bay on the top end of Hook Island. Both are mooring buoys only to protect the reef. Great anchorage in all bar a Northerly. Beautiful sunsets and good snorkelling. Manta Ray bay has a number of large wrasses that will sit under the boat day and night. We did a bareboat with Charter Yachts Australia last June with the family. Best holiday ever. Cheers

  11. Our favourite Whitsunday anchorages: Blue Pearl Bay on the west of Hayman Is, any of the bay’s off the north coast of Hook Is (Luncheon Bay would have to ge our favourite) and if they let you venture outside of the ‘charter zone’ head half a day NE of Hook Is to Bait, Hook, Line and Sinker reefs or Thomas Is in the south.

    You guys have come a long way from Croatia/Greece. What an adventure that still has so much more to offer. N’joy!

  12. I worked in Lindeman island in the Club Med for more or less one here in the 1995-1996 ……I would say whitehaven beach and Lindeman island ……..preatty pleaces ……

  13. Elayna and Riley, it is great to see you sailing again, and great to see Tony onboard too! He’s an absolute legend!

    (BTW, I was starting to wonder what had happened to you both … nothing heard for about two weeks!)

    I have a comment about the music accompanying your videos. I used to listen to JJJ for new music … now all I need is to watch your videos – you pick some really great tracks!

    Thanks for the great video, and safe and happy sailing to you both.


  14. Go to Chagos in the B.I.O.T. you need a permit to visit, you get it through the British consulate, put transit as the reason why.

    P.S. long time follower, first time commentator.

    Congrats on the new boat.

  15. You guys bring a lot of joy to my life. Used to do a lot of boating. Now old aqe has me stuck at home.
    Plesae keep the videos comming. THANK YOU !

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