First Sail of the Season!

Finally the day had come for theĀ relaunch of La Vagabonde! Our last minute jobs were finished, scrubbing the decks, re-stocking the pantry, cleaning the mould and Grenada Marina had finished their list of jobs for us too so we were more than ready to get back in the water. Unfortunately we had some engine troubles and our planned overnight sail down to Trinidad was put on hold for an extra day until we could get it sorted. Fortunately it turned out to be just a starter battery and after some ridiculous suggestions by Riley we decided to just get a new one.

It had been a long time since she had been in the water and it was a spiritual moment watching her rhythmically swaying in the giant crane belly slings as if to some unknown hymn before being gracefully baptised. There was a lightning strike in the distance and a crow that was flying overhead dropped out of the sky. Unfortunately none of this was captured on film so you will just have to believe us.

We decided that an overnight sail down to Trinidad would be the best option so as to arrive during day light hours which is always prudent. There was a bit of a squall and no sleep unfortunately but we could not have been happier to be out amongst it again. We also had to dodge some Oil Rigs off the coast of Trinidad.

We take a mooring ball in Chaguramus Bay for the night until we sort out a place for us in the marina as we have mail waiting for us. A new matermaker! We spend the next week installing her, and then we finally have some free time to go and explore the island.
Stay tuned for the watermaker installation video and adventures of Trinidad.

Thank you for watching and for the love and support.

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Love Riley and Elayna,
Sailing La Vagabonde.

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  1. I’m not sure how I missed episode 15, “Galatea” during my binge watching sessions but I just came across this experiential masterpiece. A couple things:

    1) The vote is is… Yes you must make part deux.
    2) I think that you should have a “Silent-film-off”. Elayna, let’s see what you’ve got!

    Now my question:
    While visiting home you stopped in a bar to watch a “Footie”. This term “footie”… Is this an Aussie term used only there? I’ve not heard it used elsewhere… (I’m assuming you were referring to the soccer match on TV in the background)

  2. Hey guys… are wonderful people and sharing your voyage has been a joy but please consider the use of a lifejacket and safetly line when you are forward of the cockpit at night and when on watch alone in the dark. One slip and you can be in the water…..I know I was that man. Fortunately I had a fantastic crew who were competent at MOB drills. Can Elyana do those Riley ? Practice in safe waters if you have not already. The Pacific is a big place. Keep safe.

    1. I hope the above comment is just a stab at humor after Riley’s previous post. If not please read it and be more courteous.

      You guys are awesome. Keep up the great videos can’t wait to see the Pacific.

      I love the layout of the boat for a family of five. Would it be reasonable to do some long term cruising/living with a family of five on a boat like LaVagabond?

  3. Hi guys!
    I love your stories, thanks for keep us posted about your adventures!
    I think it would be great if you make an interactive map showing your actual position, so we can have a good idea about where you are and somehow imagine to be there with you sharing your adventures.
    Just an idea.
    Thanks and sorry about my english.

    Gustavo from Argentina!

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