Fished Out (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 28

We run out of food on board and return to the main island of Grande Roque. There is really only so much fish you can eat in one day. We celebrate new years at Nellys restaurant which was a blast. A huge thank you to Nelly and the team for looking after us and making us feel at home. Seriously, Los Roques is worth the visit just to eat her fabulous food!!! The rest is self explanatory. Hope ya’ll enjoyed the vid 🙂

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  1. If you jump off the mast without anchors port and starboard then physics will be your worst enemy as the mast will push away from your jump but you will not have jumped away from the mast. Get the full body cast ready Elayna! He’s gonna need it. thanks guys love your vids!

    1. Jump off a cliff into the sea but do not abuse the energy force of La Vagabonde. Your lives have been nurtured and protected aboard this boat. There is a reason this is not done. You guys are like a piece of living art. Thank you for sharing this masterpiece with the world. Your love, beauty and powerfully positive energy is enlightening!

  2. Blew the froth off a few Carib in my time. I’m not sure Elay has enough mass, but the way to jump off the mast is to tie the main boom off at 90 degrees and have 2-3 people sit on the end or use the anchor to give it a lean, much like you would do, if the keel got stuck. It is easier to push-off from the nest and hit moisture. It’s also fun accelerating the boat with the motor, making a hard turn and swinging around the bow with the halyard off of the stern. That fish is whetting my taste buds. Thanks for the entertainment. Cheers!

  3. Awesome videos!! I just took a learn to sail class this past summer and loved it so much I bought an old Peason 31 and plan to take trips around Lake Michigan this year. I want to sail the world when I retire! You guys are living the dream and inspiring me to do it too!!

    Riley- be careful jumping off the mast!! Sounds like fun!!

  4. Why would you Risk what you Have, Riley by jumping off a Mast?

    You and Elayna have huge potential now to build an ongoing business.

    Time to make a Plan guys because the Market is fickle… here today and gone tomorrow

    What’s Your Message?

    It’s a fine line you tread… get focused or you might starve…

    1. Bahaha are you for real? Chill out and have some fun, life doesn’t have to be all about chaining your leg to a plot of land and office chair.

  5. Did you say you wanted to jump off the mast?
    Check out on YouTube how Alex Thomson did it after walking up the mast of Hugo Boss. But that might not be what you had in mind.
    Otherwise, it’all about physics. I suppose you’ll want to do it from the highest spreaders set, right? They are not as wide as the lower set, and you don’t want to land on the side of the deck.

    So, anchor the boat sideways to sea swells (use 2 anchors, fore and aft), so as to get the boat rolling. Then you jump when the boat is leaning you far over to one side.

    Just remember to clean the spreaders surface and remove all moisture and dirt because they can be very slippery, and make sure your are dry when you stand on them. A few drops of water are enough to make you slip up there.

    All in all, I wouldn’t recommend such a challenge unless you’re absolutely confindent.

    About the screw you found on the deck! Drop the Genoa and winch yourself up the forestay to inspect the furling mechanisms from bottom to top. The long aluminium hollow sleeve that covers the stay is also made up of several sections usually held together with screws.

    Bon vent !
    Signed: Ex-oilfield trash

  6. Jumping of a Mast!

    The ingredients and recipe: 

    – whiskey (only if like me you have a bitchen vertigo)
    – grip shoes
    – harness
    – easy clip on harness (not the screw shut type)
    – extra cojones
    – a crowd of friends
    – coronas 

    – get the crowd of friends rowdy from morning about the event of the day, to be accompanied with coronas
    – after One hour of rowdy build, you get your harness out. – if the hype of the crowd has lifted considerably, detach main sheet from sail and attach to harness.
    – if the crowd is shouting go go go, you say oh God I need some whiskey. 
    – drink whiskey until head goes woooo (only recommended if vertigo is bitchen)
    – put on gripy wet shoes on
    – have main sheet set on winch
    – if the crowd is cheering your name, make a go for the mast. 
    – start ascending mast. 
    – upon reaching the first spreader look down, and her come an If check point. If vertigo >= whiskey wooo then please stop on this spreader. If whiskey woo > then vertigo then proceed to the next spreader. Repeat this procedure until either vertigo >= whiskeywoo or until you reach last spreader. 
    – once spreader has been chosen, hug firmly the mast (a wee kiss would add to love to the final result) and ask the strongest most responsible mate to detach main sheet from winch. 
    – mate goes to stern of boat holding the sheet and shouts “ready?”
    – crowd is not extatic, cheering your name, and if this get sufficient adrenaline pumping, do the following:
    a. Get a yard of slack. 
    b. ‎Twist at waist and turn feet to face sternc. 
    c. Release mast from right handd. 
    d. Place right hand on stern side of maste. 
    e. Let left hand go and turn still holding mast with right hand.
    – at this point a dash of sense and responsibility shoots from your toes in the direction of your brain. Please ignore this false alarm using the shouting tool to yell the phrase “arggggghhhh”
    – for the serving: mate keeps hand on main sheet, looking up and let’s sheet loose to run through his hands. once this position is confirmed active, quickly say the phrase “this is Muckin Awesome”, lean head forward in clear view of the gap between mast and stay. A one two step and off you go doing the Tarzan “o awoawooooouuu” all the way down. ‎Unclip from harness on the way down.

    Season by sharing the video with us friends.‎


  7. Please don’t jump off the mast! Try something else- like sing a song for us!
    Just viewed your video
    From Guadeloupe! Thank you so much for your fine work that make us all dream!
    When is the next album?

  8. I would NOT recommend jumping off the mast! At the top or even on the spreader, the amount of trust you would use to push yourself away from the mast will only push the mast away from you and you will fall straight down onto the deck with a serious injury at best or a fatality or permanent spinal injury at worst. Don’t do it!! Figure out some other way of memorializing the 100k subscriber mark. How about eating 100 hard boiled eggs! LOL! Really, the mast idea is bad and very unsafe.

  9. Riley are you crazy, DO NOT do that, you have broke your neck once before DO NOT push your luck on this one mate !!!

  10. Personally, I would risk almost anything to be living this life you have with Elayna. However, I would not be willing to foolishly throw it all away (by hitting the deck) and losing the chance of continuing this beautiful life with her . . . destroying HER dreams, as well, in the process. Riley, you do have the “right” to take unnecessary risks with your own life, but shouldn’t Elayna have a choice, when it effects her future also???

    We all love BOTH of you, and most of the comments agree that this act of bravado is a senseless risk that could destroy everything. Let Elayna decide, we don’t matter, but she does !!!

    Remember, you asked for our input!!!

    Peace and my Best wishes for your future . . . together.

  11. Elyana should write a song and you sing it. That is worthy of the 100,000!
    Be safe we all enjoy your ventures x

  12. Great fun watching your videos. Don’t do the mast leap. Not worth the meager reward. You have a great thing going on, take good care of all the parts. I’m subscribing.

  13. Please do not jump of the mast. I like you to keep on sailing. I miss the sailing, actually.
    Eating, dancing and nature is wonderfull but i miss sailing.

  14. Don’t throw away what you have, there’s more to loose than gain. Love your videos. It’s cold here in Northern Ohio,so keep making those videos !!!

  15. Riley: You could always jump from the crow’s nest; Oh wait they have not been around for over 100 years, good reason. Don’t jump!
    A video showing you riding an Asymmetrical line in the water will be fun and a great video.
    Capt’n Mike

  16. Riley, you’ll need to ensure Vagabond is sufficiently heeled to clear the deck even if you just step off the spreader. As previously suggested, heel the boat with sufficient weight attached to the boom swung out as much as possible for maximum leverage. Your tender filled with water makes good ballast if supported with slings. You can test the set up in a calm anchorage. Toes pointed, legs together, head up before hitting the water (black eyes) and arms either to your side or overhead. Try not to flail or your arms will smack. Think of something cool to say on the way down for the video. I’ve jumped from quarries from similar heights without a problem. My wife and I are in Curacao 17 Feb and Aruba 18 Feb. Love to take you guys out for lunch if you happen to be in the neighbourhood.

  17. Further to my previous comment, ran a few calculations. Your time of fright, err flight, will be two seconds from a 20 meter height. You will enter the water at 70 kph so you might want to wear shoes. By comparison, Acapulco cliff divers routinely jump and dive from 40 meters. Their time of flight is near 3 seconds and impact the water at 100 kph. I wouldn’t worry about the naysayers. If you had listened to them you would never have met Elayna nor sailed transatlantic a few short months later. Just listen to the little man in the back of your head. He hasn’t steered you too far wrong yet!

  18. Elena’s father would jump from top of the mast -no problem. 🙂 so go jump
    Just get 3 large tubes of Voltaren , to last for a week or so, just in case you don’t enter straight in the water. I would jump head down, just to make sure I enter straight. If you jump with feet down, you have 50 % chances to lose the balance in the air and get bad bruises cause the mast is pretty high.

  19. If I send you guys 10 US dollars will that be enough to buy you guys lunch?
    Or Dinner?



  20. So……., let me be the materialist one of the group… Can I have your boat if you fail? 😉

    Can’t see the return on investment if you jump…

    Unless.. maybe… pay per view revenue……

    On the bright side, either you raise a lot of money for the rest of the cruise or on the downbeat side, it will provide E with some insurance income to let her morn for a while.

    They call me Mr Practical…

  21. More enjoyable than the Leyland Brothers guys! Like everyone, love how natural you guys come across and when you snag a prob or hit a wall your initial response is laughter… later its “right how are we going to deal with this.”
    Thanks for putting me on to “The Voyagers Handbook”. You guys might know this already, If you use a ballast (e.g. fill an empty shopping bag full of rocks or sand once tripod is setup) and hang it from tripod base down low this will stop most shake and counter over balance from wind …chuck out the rocks or sand when finished, pocket the bag.

  22. Please don’t publish this. Everyone has a suggestion. No idea about the technique harm to self or physics but as to mast jump is it something that will add to your knowledge, i.e. advantageous to you and crew ? Will it happen one day like a man overboard test run? You guys have proven heaps so don’t make it about bravado chuck a test dummy.

  23. I know you’ve never had intentions of doing this but I’m still going to ask: have you ever considered doing some “small” sailing? Like whenever you visit a country to try out it’s most famous lakes for example on a small boat? Recently, been at Lake Fork in Texas and it’s been a really nice experience, especially since I’ve been mostly doing sea sailing for few years. There are plenty o’ lakes I want to try now, been reading about ’em ever since! I think I’m going for Conroe Lake next, should be pretty fun little adventure!

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