Flavours of the Marquesas (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 48

Join us in a traditional cooking lesson with Henry on the island of Nuku Hiva. Very simple, super delicious. Nothing beats eating from the earth. Cheers Henry, I hope you see this video! I know you don’t know what the internet is, but if you have kept my written instructions on that napkin then we will have no problems!! We also introduce you to fellow Aussie lose ends Mark and Travis who have also jumped in the deep end with the whole sailing thing. There first overnight sail was that of the Pacific Crossing……. HAHA. Good on you boys!

Love Elayna & Riley
Sailing La Vagabonde

P.S. If you’re interested in ideas for serving Tuna, we recently featured on ‘Brothers Green’ on their YouTube channel. It features Riley’s first spear of a Dogtooth Tuna. A very proud moment.

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  1. Now that I have watched All the videos I find myself eagerly awaiting the next one! You guys are awesome. I wonder if you realize just how many lives you are being a blessing to. The whole thing with you has been such a blessing to me and I am sure I am not the only one that feels this way. There is no way to Thank You both enough for sharing like you do. I will be supporting you as soon as I am able. God Bless You Both !!!

  2. Loved the 2 yr. montage. Really gives a great picture of just how far you’ve come and how many laughs we’ve all had watching your antics on the high seas. I see a television show in your future, compliments of Rupert Murdoch. Tally ho!

  3. Guys this video was one of the best . Loved it from brushing teeth to being wired on caffeine in the middle of the night. Great stories from your visitors sailing trip . Thumps up to both of you!!!!,

  4. I just watched your episode 48; did you ever consider multiple cameras (GoPro’s) set-up for the extreme weather/sailing/recording? You sometimes talk about your tense moments, and like your guests in the video…make “light” of the weather/sailing extremes you have experienced. It would be good to see (via video) the level of rough waves one could experience on the open ocean…how it affects the boat…just my novice thoughts.

  5. Purely delightful videos, I work in the mines in Nevada and have met a person or two from Perth. You two have inspired me, and I just wanted to say thank you.

  6. Another great video! A taste of the local island life, the cooking, the flashback, a little of the tough times, and nice to hear you singing again Elayna. Also enjoying the interviews with other sailors. Thank you, and Yes I’ll buy a hat!

  7. Greetings from the inland waterways of the British Isles – I will by trying your recipes on Narrowboat Dolly, bound for Sawbridgeworth on the Stort River.

  8. wonderful video of island life. I always wondered how breadfruit was prepared, only knew of it from bounty movie. been to Hawaii three times but never had it there. elayna, you have to keep those pearly whites healthy, I am now fifty eight and try to keep the popcorn from cracking them…ouch. love you both, wish you both were my kids, so loving and adventurous. keep safe, would love to hear you sing some beach boys…in my room, catch a wave, etc. how was the lotion that the islander put on your skin? can you play malaguena, a little Spanish tune. Cheryl and I would both love to sail with you both, we are leaving texas for ohio to retire in the snow…ha, ha.. would love to visit you both when you get to Australia. sincerely, William evans.

  9. I left a comment on how much I loved this video I thought it was the best so far and showed such a care free light side to your fantastic life …… Sadly it disappeared? Again guys Thunbs up to you your looking great and love the humor … Couldn’t believe Rily , was going to wear formal dress shorts to the island.

  10. I have loved these videos. It has been my life’s dream but my body didn’t last! Damnit! So like someone said before me these videos are a blessing! You to stay safe and Happy Sailing!!

  11. Hi Elayna & Riley…Another great video effort! Excellent. What more can I say? And that whipped-up
    breadfruit looked amazing and versatile. Keep beating it and it might be ok for caulking! Ha!
    Great stuff. Keep up the good work…cant wait for the next one.
    Keep safe and have fun.

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