Floating to Magical Music in Mallorca (Episode 92)

Fellow Vagabonds, another week, another collection of brilliant new music to treat our ears to! This weeks episode showcases an absolute smorgasbord of beautiful music set against the stunning backdrop of Mallorca, Spain. If you haven’t had a chance to watch episode 92 yet, it is conveniently embedded right here for your viewing pleasure and well worth checking out, treat your ‘look’n balls’ below..

The musicians featured this week are a talented mix indeed and it is our absolute pleasure to present them to you. Incase you didn’t know, we have an account on the music streaming super site, SoundCloud. Every week you can find playlists updated in conjunction with the release of each SLV episode uploaded on YouTube. So if you are partial to being ‘in the know’, follow our page to keep up to date with the best music we can find. In the meantime, have a little listen to this weeks artists in the player embedded SoundCloud player below, please don’t forget to like and share the music we’ve featured because with your help we can broadcast these legends to the world.



Lucas Laufenhttps://www.facebook.com/lucaslaufen/

Lucas uses song as an audible pen to write his musical auto-biography. The result of determination, persistence and past experience, this Aussie born musician has created a sombre yet impressive collection of stories that give an insight into the depths of his life and mind. His debut EP ‘Goodbye’ is available online and through Poke In The Eye Records. Check it out.



Water Parkhttps://soundcloud.com/thomasmahony

Do you enjoy vast soundscapes that take you to new places and stimulate imagination? Sweet and invitingly haunted vocals? If so then Water Park is for you. Tom and Bri flawlessly layer trap beats with ethereal electronic nuances and combine them with beautiful vocal harmonies. This talented pair are on the watch list and I hope to be wearing a flower crown and face paint at a future Coachella festival sometime soon.




Trent Herzmanhttps://soundcloud.com/trent-herzman

Mr. Herzman is a lo-fi story teller from Oceanside, California. A Specialist of writing catchy and relatable songs, I can vividly imagine dancing around a fireplace somewhere on the coast of Cali rocking out with Trent and his guitar. The likes of Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash come to mind when listening to this awesome blend of acoustic rock. Have a look at his SoundCloud or search Spotify for more.




Old Sea Brigadehttps://www.facebook.com/oldseabrigade

Creative music to help clear external distractions and invigorate introspection, Ben Cramer constructs gorgeously intimate folk-rock. Dusky vocals characterise each well crafted song while undemanding and mastered guitar tones float softly amidst the beat of a pulsing drum. Old Sea Brigade have recently released the EP ‘Wash Me Away’ which is definitely worth a listen or ten.





MaJLo’s striking vocal harmonies and multi-instrumental mastery make for an effortlessly enjoyable musical experience. Originally trained as a jazz musician, MaJLo successfully combines genres such as pop, indie and electronic sounds to meld into his own fascinating mixture of ear candy. At times sparse, at other times dense, at all times interesting, MaJLo is fast becoming a favourite of mine to chill out with.




Miss Max

Dropping musical truth bombs left, right and centre, Miss Max is well beyond her 19 years. The self confessed gypsies sings with a sweet weightlessness over the sound of her tambourine, her guitar and an unmistakable vibe of wanderlust and desire to hit the road. Keep transmuting your dreams to song please Miss Max.





Martin Piehlmeierwww.martinpiehlmeier.com

This tremendously talented guitarist strums, picks, slaps and beats his way through songs which are rhythmically complex and captivating. Although lacking a vocal presence, the music produced from a single guitar is melodically impressive and  does all of the talking. Pacing his way through several different moods in every song, each turn of a corner is another practice in guesswork, wondering where Martin will take you next in the musical dream he delicately weaves.




Chiara La Woohttps://soundcloud.com/chiaralawoo

Adelaide Indie-rock Reggae four piece Chiara La Woo have been blending together their own psychedelic ‘Woo’ sound since late 2015, they’ve been known to deliver a laid back and large live sound, a high energy experience not to be missed. These hard workers have been relentlessly gigging from back yard shows to interstate support slots and are planning a Western Australian tour in support of their album ‘If You Find The Time’. Have a listen to ‘The Woo’ in the Soundcloud player on this page.



Rye – https://soundcloud.com/ryeofficial

Rye is a Finnish Indie Folk Singer-Songwriter, featuring a laid back and easy listening style, his songs on Soundcloud have gathered several thousand plays.

His songs have been played on SLV a few times, the bright guitar backed by smooth bass-lines and soft percussion is a perfect fit for scenes of sailing.




Thanks for stopping by Vagabonds, we hope you enjoyed this weeks blog and the brilliant music that has been contributed by these seriously talented individuals. I can’t emphasise enough the importance of their musical offerings to each Sailing La Vagabonde video. Without their music injecting life and feeling into each and every episode, the atmosphere just would not feel the same. So please, please, please help us to share the love with the rest of the world by liking, sharing and supporting these awesome people. It would mean so much to us if you did.

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  1. Hey , I wanna release my first song , I’m coming to Mallorca in the end of this month from 23 to 30 april
    wanna ask about options and the prices if is possible 🙂

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