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  1. Thanks for showing us Great Barrier Island, another part of NZ this New Zealander hasn’t been to – yet.

    Still really enjoying these videos. 20 minutes is a good length 🙂

  2. Greetings Shipmates, I would like to work for you. YOU NEED GROUND SUPPORT !! I can give it. Give me an address, any wheres on the earth, and an approx date you could sail to your port that has UPS, Fedex, something, a plane. I’ll have a “Care Package”of Food, supplies, repair parts ect. what ever you need. Let me start off with a free food day on me. I love your programming and all 78 eps. ;-))) 50 Lbs. of canned foods, Canned meats w/ 3 year shelf life. Did you know long grain, white rice last 100 yrs. if kept dry. Keep 50 lbs. onboard at all times, veggies, spices, ect. Please take me up on this. Let’ try something small. You need very good shelving/storage on your new boat. You are looking for IDEAS and I have some. Your film editing person will need a mate, or he/she will probably leave you. husband/wife team? May I send you some food??

    I remembered , eps. ??29?? when in the gulf of mexico ?? you threw cans of veggies at the boat that sent Elayna to the forward hide out ” and never again tell her hiding spot on line” ALL HANDS ON DECK”!! I loved it, You threw veggies at them. Do it again for protection. A massive Sling Shot. Aim for them. Let me send you some cans of baked beans, I mean AMMO. Let me send you some canned ammo. I want to come aboard sometime. I live close to Boston/Providence, USA. 02896 I can get you what you need. I once kept my USNavy ship from sinking.

    You should have 6 months to one years worths of food onboard, at all times while circumnavigating the planet. You can’t live on fish alone… But yes, it may be the main corse. I love you guys. I want to give back. I love to saIe, sold my 27 ft. C&C sloop. I would like to join you someday. also US Navy electrician. I can cook, I can sew, I can tie a knot. play guitar, keyboards, chess, fly a spinnaker and helm a boat. A dependable friend.

  3. Glad to see you guys back in action. I was missing my lunchtime sails. Best of luck with the new boat and finding a crew. I was thinking of applying but figured the wife and kid might have a problem with that.

  4. Heck Yeah!! Tell em like it is! “I’m not going to apologize.” “I can’t write to you in every single description under the video, besides that would be boring.” The sheeple’s comments are a drag, not worthy of your precious time.

    Bet 99.9% of the donkeys did not clue in on the thumbnail pic – YOU NO LIKE – KISS THIS!!

    You all rock!! “All hail Crescent Of Darkness new Administrator of the Bilge of Monograph Lectors”

  5. G’day guys, seriously fantastic what you both are doing. I only just heard about you yesterday from a mate who shared your latest vid on fb and well, you have a new fan. Soooo wicked what you’re doing!! Nice work ox

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