Fort De France to Saint Lucia Ep. 20

You can really tell it’s nearing the hurricane season, as the weather starts to get more and more hectic and un predictable in this part of the Caribbean! We have been greeted by lots of rain, squalls, and more rain as we head south towards Grenada where we haul out for the hurricane season.

We are kidnapped by two local legends – Nick and Dani from Saint Lucia, and they take us on a tour of their island showing us some hidden waterfalls, hot springs and tell us a bit about the history of this beautiful green, lush island. Thank you for such an amazing day you two!!

Catch us next week as we continue sailing down towards Grenada where we prepare La Vagabonde for her haul out, and fly back to Australia where we will take you with us and show you the land down under 🙂

Hope you guys enjoy this episode, I made this one extra long for you!

Love Elay


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  1. This retired, American, expat of 21 years living in Bangkok, Thailand thinks you are both awesome. Keep up the good work!

    Many of the ports you have visited in the Carribean, I visited while serving in the U.S. Navy.

    I lived in Costa Rica for 11 years and spent much time on the water around Central America.

    Your videos bring back many memories.

    Keep young and healthy!

  2. Good stuff , just pulled mine out as well, prob gonna be next winter to take her out the Erie Canal down the East coast to winter in the Caribbean, Love the videos , What’s it cost to sail with y’all for a passage per person ?

  3. Always great videos just waking up here in Los Angeles California it’s good to see the both of you are OK enjoy your adventures and love your video making love your voice I would like to hear some original music God bless peace and love .✌️?

  4. I liked this video. I has a nice mix of travel tales & actual sailing (my particular interest). SLV videos are developing a signature style that is very watchable – nice job!.

  5. Thank you, it was such a pleasure looking at you guy’s in the nice warm weather. It was 26 degrees F this morning In Nikiski.

  6. I’ll add another “awesome!” to the comments. And that goes for your sailing adventures, the video editing, your singing with guitar and the background music. There’s one piece of music that you used that I would love to hear entirely. It’s at 16:20 in this episode 20. And it sounds like the same artist is at 2:40. Any chance you can share where you got it?

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