Free diving an uninhabited island [Ep. 153]

Freediving, lost in the depths of the uninhabited Sombrero Island..Join us as we set the sails for the open ocean once again on our way to a new country. We have 3-4 days at sea ahead of us and we’ve never been more thrilled about it.
Congratulations to our patrons Jessica Whale and Emilie Thomsen! I hope you can join us onboard in the glorious Bahamas. Thanks a million for your love and support ?

Song Credits:
05:15 Samuel Scott McCumber – Grace
00:41 Jordan Prince – The Wildest Things
01:55 Grekon – Afterglow drops – Part 3
03:37 AKW – LEAVES
14:01 Duncan Saige – I’m Saved
15:10 Cat Clyde – Like A Wave

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  1. I put orange marmalade in my organic Irish steel cut oats. Very good. I will try peanut better. Thanks.
    I have followed your adventures from the beginning.

  2. I have been thinking about you both lately. Having a child in the USA is not a good idea because it will be hit up with a vaccine as soon as it is born and 1 in 5 children (mostly boys) now have autism. Doctors are clueless and because they are brainwashed by big pharma and make most of their income off vaccines. Get a midwife and have the child on the boat, and only when it is much older and has developed an immune system, should a vaccine even be considered. Out of my 7 children, 6 born at home, never vaccinated and all completely healthy, number 7, was breech and had to be born in hospital. He was jabbed right away and got into the system and is now autistic. We homeschooled all of our children, to keep them safe, but #7 got into the system and if we did not vaccinate, they threatened to take him. They destroyed his life.

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  3. For the 1st time I noticed a PFD in one of your vids.
    Ive been wondering about this as one of the rules on my boat,,,,”Every one above deck WILL wear a PFD at all times when under sail.” What say you?
    Nice Mahi ,,,,,woo hoo.

  4. Hey Guys. Dr Steve reporting in from Nashville!! Loved the video. I love mahi. Practiced in Clearwater fla for many yrs. used to fish for Mahi off the coast of Islamorada. Thanks for posting the music credits. I have broadened my music tastes. Be safe.

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  5. Hey guys. Dr Steve checking in from Nashville! Great catch. I love mahi. Used to fish for mahi on the hump off the coast of Islamorada. Hope to see you all at some point down the road. My best to you!!!

  6. Hey guys. Dr Steve from Nashville checking in. Loved the video! Great job on catching the Mahi. I used to fish for Mahi off the coast of Islamorada. Best of luck.

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  7. Another Fabulous video…. just EXCELLENT…
    about the most perfect place,
    Riles as you so wisely commented several videos back…
    you all “are citizens” of the world…
    the most perfect place is, where LaVagabonde is taking you to next… “The Journey”
    Plenty of time later to find and invest in dirt…
    you’ll “KNOW “when it is right …and undiscovered…
    glad your past the morning sickness Elayna…
    guess the little one has finally got his/hers sea legs…
    The punch list of to personalize LaVagabonde just GREAT and wise…
    you all will be getting plenty of exercise lifting and carrying, “the little one”
    SELAH and mark

  8. At 13:05…. the mumbles were : “propellers for the watt&sea”….. This a hydro generator that pretty looks like a small outboard engine that is used to generate electric power. The plastic blade propellers on that thing are just unrealiable.

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