Freediving Mama! LIVING FROM THE OCEAN. Ep. 200

On my first spearfish and freedive since having Lenny, on my first shot at using the Pole spear, I managed to catch a huge Hogfish for dinner! There was no chance of wiping the smile off my face.☀️??.

Song Credits:
00:00 Joe Kaplow – There WIll Be A Time
04:53 Gypsy Woman – Honey Hounds
08:33 City Lights – Lachlan Ross

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  1. Absolutely love what your doing brother, i take my hat off to you and your mrs!!!

  2. I found your YouTube videos a few days ago and I can’t stop watching. You guys are awesome I love to wake up early and catch a couple of your videos. What a lovely Adventure you are on. I wish you all the best safe travels. Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. Now that’s a fish! Happy 200th ! Hey guys did you miss me, been camping a lot got caught in a lightning storm had to ditch to the van. Our beautiful canopy got trashed That’s the third one in five years, hey from now on let’s try swimming with nurse sharks grrr. Yes your both insane. Tried replying once before about mushrooms.( I pick them). Hen of the woods ,Oak, honey,oak rieshi, hemlock puffballs grass, would love to get north enough to pick chaga (white birch}. Yes riley, there are lots of people here that are part of a problem. Oh yeah so when I hit reply my wi-fi box burned out hope it doesn’t happen this time let see….

  4. Well said Riley. Too many people out there with opinions and not just about parenting.

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