Freshening up La Vagabonde (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 73

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She needed a good clean out, that’s for sure. Did anyone see the filth behind the stove on the daily vlogs? Yep? Pretty gross hey. We clean the entire boat head to toe and Riley fixes a few things that were either broken before the crossing or broke during. She feels like a new boat again!! Maybe we don’t need a catamaran and we can stay on this new fresh La Vaga forever… We just need some fruit in the fruit nets and life is officially good and back to normal. IT’S GOOD TO BE HOME. Videos made with love, Elayna.

Song Credits:
00:09 What You’re Used To – The Sea Gypsies
02:50 Catch and Release – The Sea Gypsies
04:38 The Seasons – Blissful Red
05:48 Eunoia – Andrew Rothschild
07:11 This Forest was once on Fire – Andrew Rothschild
11:03 Sense of Unrest – CircleLight

Additional Film/Edit – Abbey Mulraney

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What cameras do we use?
What software do we use?

Comments 4

  1. What will you do with your boat now you are moving on.

    Im looking for a recently cleaned out liveaboard hint hint.

  2. Really enjoy your videos!! You spoke of your old computer as being an energy hog. Just curious as to what computer or computers are you guys using now days that is easier on your ships batteries?

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