Galapagos Islands Shenanigans (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 41


My nerves for the Pacific Crossing (the 20-30 day’er) have been getting more and more intense. Most nights, for the past few weeks I have been having the most strangest dreams and unsettled sleeps. But I am really looking forward to the challenge of getting across such a large chunk of ocean! For the next week in Isla Isabella, we explore the beautiful island by bike and boat. We dive Los Tuneles which are a bunch of beautiful caves in shallow waters that are just FILLED with sea life of every kind. Couldn’t recommend the dive site highly enough, you can even take Grandma & Grandpa/toddlers!! I can’t name another spot I’ve snorkelled, where you can see all of these animals in above 5m of water. Next week, we prepare for the big crossing and wave goodbye to land for a few weeks….. I’m really looking forward to sharing this experience with you all. Peace out for now xox

Thanks a million to all of our subscribers following our voyage and especially for those supporting us on Patreon! With your support, we can keep the movies coming and continue sailing around the world and sharing this incredible adventure with you all. It really is HUGELY appreciated.

Thank you guys so much.

Love Elayna & Riley

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  1. Every time I see an email from Riley & Elayna, I’m hoping it will be that you made it safely to Australia! Where are you? Are you OK??? I hope I hear that you’re OK soon…or I’ll call out the Coast Guard!!! (Although, I don’t know where in the hell to send them – “They’re in the Pacific going to Australia”….that should do it!)

    1. You are making a wonderful work with those videos they are by far the best sailing around the word report on the net! even much better that most of programs at the TV
      Since a lot of years I have been dreaming to do the same ad I read a lot of books about…
      Since you are in the way to Polinesia, I know that is still very far from were are you landing, but are you planning to visit the remote island of TICOPIA ? have you ever herd about?



  2. Hi guys – love the videos. Quick question – what song and artist is this? Love the song too.
    Thanks. tammy

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  3. Qué alegría cuando recibo sus vídeos siempre están llenos de tremenda aventura estas próximas dos semanas les deceso mucha suerte y esperamos de nuevo su comunicación al llegar a su destino

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    1. No need to be so testy

      Al music credits are in visable on the youtube channel,

      Song Credits:
      00:04 Let Go – Andrew Rothschild
      03:41 Dominic Bennett – Farther Down and Further Off
      05:41 Dominic Bennett – Harbor
      10:17 Water Park – Dreaming

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  4. Hi Elayna and Riley,

    Hope you two Aussies are doing better than a Shrimp on the Barbie!

    So after you arrive in Australia you still need to sail back to Greece which is the starting point of your journey to fully circumnavigate the Globe. Is that correct?

    Wishing you Fair Winds on your journey!

    All the Best!

    John and Maddie

  5. Elayna,
    Your fans would like more music from you please.
    I did say please.
    Preferably before the big crossing.
    Fair winds and following seas.
    Stay safe and enjoy the ride.

  6. Hi guys great video as usual ! Looks like so much fun,a few more years and I can be out there also,Riley you should marry that girl she’s a keeper!!! Cheers from Texas! Jay

  7. Was that a brief sighting of a new aquatic species of el bum bum de la Riley on your dive at los tuneles. Darwin must have missed it when he catalogued his trip to the Galapagos. Too funny. Safe travels!

  8. Disappointing. You that you never did get to experience the G.I.
    Too much partying. Some day you may realize how important these protected places are for the planet. Seems you visited the tourist attractions.
    Sorry. But the last few videos have become very commercial. I think you realize this and have capitalized on this fact.

    1. Sorry. Mistake in first reply

      Disappointing that you never did get to experience the G.I.
      Too much partying. Some day you may realize how important these protected places are for the planet. Seems you visited the tourist attractions.
      Sorry. But the last few videos have become very commercial. I think you realize this and have capitalized on this fact.

      Since you moderate everything, there is little hope of starting a conversation.

      1. Hey Bruce!
        I’m not quite sure why you thought this response was neccessary? They are compressing snippets of their experience. They don’t have the funds to have a camera crew follow them every minute of their life and I’m sure that wouldn’t be very enjoyable. How would you know whether they experienced it or not? This is not the Discovery Channel. From what I’ve seen they are trying to give a true representation of the sailing lifestyle and from what I’ve seen (and I’ve seen every episode) that they have done it with sincerity. What you see is what you get and they’re not trying to be anyone else. They have always been very honest and upfront. They will regularly admit that they are not experts. Commercial????? How??

  9. I await patiently each week for your video chapter to arrive. Longing for that day when I am able to cast off those chains and explore what real freedom is all about, but until then I will just have to live vicariously through your adventures. Keep it up, I love these videos and of course Elays great musical reditions.

    1. As to what Bruce wrote about the commercial aspect, I probably wouldn’t have put it that harshly. Still, after having sucked in the 41 videos plus some specials in one or two weeks the obvious strikes. The intended-for-friends-and-family shots turned into the source of this adventure’s viability. A funny catch-22 if I assume that many people liked so much this spontaneous, improvised style that just shows us what it’s like to be out there, doing this sort of thing. No guitar playing anymore… 🙁

      Anyway, great stuff; keep showing us the world as it looks for yachties. I love seeing how far you got by just being smart, improvising where necessary, using or acquiring the skills you need on the go and learning from your mistakes. Show us more of these learnings, show us the down sides as well and how you cope and manage. For me, I guess this would make watching these nice episodes even more fun.

      Fair winds, safe crossing to the Marquesas and great fun in the Southern Pacific!

  10. Eric West Described it best. “Another perfect start to the day! A Riley & Elayna video!” Thanks for the new Video. Maybe you start working on your Documentary

  11. Thank you for letting us all tag along. Another wonderful video that feeds the dream.

  12. Elayna & Riley: It’s always good to see you guys! Keep living the dream…
    You never talk about chafing and home remedies, (being in the water so much). Love your sunsets and Riley peaking up your skirt.
    Capt’n Mike

  13. You guys are just having way too much fun…..keep it up.. this is such a beautiful video I wish it was longer especially under water. May you all have a safe crossing. God Bless, fair winds and calm seas. Captain Dave.

  14. Another great visit with you! Love the casual and friendly feel to your videos. The filming and music are wonderful. They always warm my mood.
    Safe travels and enjoy.

  15. You will have to write a book about your adventures one day. Always look forward to your inspiring videos. Safe travels.

  16. Hi Riley & Elayna…thanks for another great video. Good snorkling among all those fishes! Looking
    forward to the Pacific crossing.
    Safe travel and fair winds.
    Have fun.

  17. Awesome! Thank You for the email! I would love to be your friends! you guys have inspired me! I am planning on getting me my first sailboat in 3 years! and live abroad and sail down thru the Caribbean! I love the story how you guys met! And hope I find someone like that to share my Adventures with! But till 3 years from now I am going to be hiking trails, Like the Appalachian Trail and hopefully get to go to sailing school to be better prepared! Till then I look forward to watching you guys videos getting inspired and keeping the dream alive! Thank you and God Bless and Safe Journeys!

    Your Friend,
    Blair Coe

  18. ” Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true.” Leon J. Suenes

    Save sailing on the Pacific

  19. Hi Riley & Elayna, you are amazing, since I saw for the first time, it became an addiction, in a world of bad news are the rule, your videos give us beauty, excitement and joy. You are doing what you always dreamed of doing, but do not encourage me. I’m from Argentina I have three boys, who also roam the world, here are becoming very popular.
    Good luck and thanks

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