GIRL POWER. Young Chloe, age 23, Buys a Sail Boat!


Young Chloe, 23, originally from Mesa Arizona shared her story with us the other day and I felt compelled to share (with Chloes permission). We are more than capable of manifesting our dreams. The idea of visualizing something we want, and attracting it to us, is an ancient principle of life. Some choose to pray, while others chant, meditate, visualize or create affirmations. You go Chloe! We need more empowered women like you in the world. And thanks for reminding me why we do what we do. ? Elayna.

Dear Elayna and Riley, 

First of all, THANK YOU. For every single video, for all your positive energy, for your keen knowledge that you share about sailing, for showing everyone the unparalleled beauty of our earths oceans…. etc. You guys are incredible human beings.

I never ever send emails like this to people I’ve only met via the internet, but this one seemed extra necessary due to what’s recently happened… I feel called to share the impact you both have had on my life. 

Almost exactly one year ago, i actually found your YouTube channel because of my dad! (Back in the 90’s my parents also lived on a sailboat for 6 years and sailed all over). He saw your videos and knew I had the same interest in sailing, so he sent them my way and I was immediately hooked. I absolutely fell in love with your enthusiasm for sailing and your determination to veer away from a “traditional” lifestyle. It was everything I needed to see at the moment. The second I saw your videos, I knew that was how I wanted to live. At the time, I was working as an interior designer/architect and no longer felt passionate about anything i was doing. Meanwhile, I was traveling the world as much as i could and becoming more and more attached to the idea of never working in an office environment ever again. 

So I continued living vicariously through your videos and Instagram page, and began making a long term plan to own a sailboat of my own and start doing the same thing as you guys. I wrote down affirmations telling myself that i owned a sailboat, and read them every single day for the last 9 months. I also began generating as many sources of passive income as i could so i could live abroad without having to worry about money. Time went on, and i continued working and working, having no clue when i would ever be able to purchase my own boat. 

Little did I know, the universe decided to give me a sailboat a whole lot sooner! It’s a long story that I’ll have to share later, but basically I was paddle boarding with my best friend, we stumbled across a sailboat in the marina that was for sale, i got an unexpectedly large paycheck, and one month later… we are now owners of a beautiful 1985 25’ Catalina Sailboat.

Her name is Swell Bound and we’ve had her for a little over a month and I am just so so so so in love. We go sailing almost everyday up and down the coast of Los Angeles, and shit, we’re not traveling the world in it yet, but it feels so damn good. I genuinely have you to thank for all of this, and I can’t imagine my life any other way now. I would’ve never gained the idea, or even the courage to do so if it wasn’t for your YouTube channel. I’m sure you get this all the time, but your guys way of living life has inspired me to change mine, and my life will never be the same because of what you’ve shared.

Thanks for sharing your story Chloe. You can find her on:


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  1. This is so inspiring!! I also am from Mesa, Arizona! (Small world, right?) I’m currently living in Australia and am planning to dip my toes into the sailing world ASAP as I’m currently traveling. As soon as I get everything sorted I’m going to move to Australia permanatly and start sailing. I’m beyond excited and your videos are such a huge inspiration! xx

  2. Good to read this article.I am a yacht rigger and have helped a number of people with their first boats. If Chloe has any questions I have the time. Fair winds. Pete the Rigger Australia

  3. Very inspiring. I live in the north east of the UK and am toying with the idea of learning to sail. The more I see of these videos and comments the more I want to learn, even though the brown rivers and cold seas here arent quite as inspiring.

  4. Hi, and fair winds! ⛵️ I bought my sailboat last year, I’m 54, and I’ve never even sailed before… I’m learning day by day! ?
    Whenever I’m sailing, people think the boat belongs to my boy pals…. at first.??.
    I don’t think I’m going to sail around the world, who knows..?
    but I also get my inspiration from Elayna and Riley.. love your shows! ?

    All I can say to Chloe: you GO GIRL!!

    xx from the mermaid of Mermaid’s Lair ♥️

  5. This is what the universe can bring us..took me a marriage to find a wife and this universe concept.. it’s terrific… I manifesting a small cat to get back to sailing again. All be it on inland waters. We are what we believe we can be.. you go girl and all the inspiration we get from the You Tube sites…sailing is a freedom ..a feeling of contact with nature.. love the story…

  6. Amelia Earhart began flying at the age of 23. She obtained her license with money she saved from her salary as a nurse. Now at her age, you have a yacht capable of ocean passages, and perhaps the will to embrace the adventure. I wish sometime that I had done the same thing way back in time. Good luck.

  7. Congratulations Chloe. I wish you well. But please consider this: Emphasizing your gender is sexist.

  8. Happy for you and glad things have worked out. Hope you have many nice days of exploring the world.

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