Gloomy Days Onboard.. Freediving Pregnancy Scare! Ep. 175

It’s never a good feeling experiencing strange pains whilst anchored miles away from the nearest hospital. We went freediving and because I haven’t been diving deep or for too long I volunteered to drag the dinghy through the water as we go spearfishing. This job can sometimes be a bit of a workout, but nothing I would have thought could hurt me or the baby in any way..

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  1. I don’t know how to post replies on RIley’s Twitter account, but I want to reply to some of the concerns expressed therein.

    Elayna and Riley are smart! They will figure out what is in their best interests, especially after recognizing their mistakes.

    Riley & Elayna have chosen a lifestyle that is admirable, challenging, and way different than almost everyone following them. With this lifestyle comes many rewards and high risks. Risks such as the sun’s affect upon skin. Long-sleeved cotton shirts such as those I saw BVI and USVI residents wearing. The rewards of living together on a sailing vessel with limited space greatly outweighs the risks, at least to Riley & Elayna. I cannot imagine life with my wife of 38 years in such a small, confined space. Kudos to them for wanting to be together 24/7!

    Riley may soon decide that free diving is not worth the risks of losing his life and leaving Elayna and Lenny without their guiding light. When I married in 1982, I retired from amateur athletics that included a contact sport. I felt my family needed me, and I no longer chose to risk short-term and long-term self-interests in high-risk endeavers. Riley may soon come to that very conclusion.

    Everyone should consider the notion that Riley & his family living on a sail boat, prehaps far from the security of a supportive society, is much like the pioneers of the American 1800’s experience of people leaving behind a realtively safe city environment to travel westward to find a space to settle in the unknown U.S. western territory. With children, they moved on covered horse-drawn wagons, on horseback, and on foot they ventured to find a niche for them. In a similar way, Elayna and Riley are traveling on water, sailing to find their happiness, their corner of the world they want to be in. But their corner happens to be anywhere there is water deep enough to float their boat.

    God, I admire them so much and wish them well on their adventure of life. Elayna, Riley, and now Lenny are BFF with the water.

    Webhead USA

  2. When my wife and I were in Nassau, we saw a middle-aged Black women wearing a large-brimmed hat, sunglasses, a long-sleeved t-shirt, cotton gloves, long pants, socks, and tennis shoes. She was working her job that required her to be out under the sun. She adapted, and so will Riley & Elayna.

    Elayna will figure out she needs to appropriately mark Riley’s flip-flops with the letters R & L! :¬)

    Riley, I trust you always thank Elayna for the wonderful meals she prepares. Her cooking will keep you in shape – mentally and physically.

    Elayna – your skill sets are terrific. Taking the helm, assisting in trimming or changing sails, completing jobs on the boat, scuba diving, snorkeling, provisioning, cooking, taking the movies, editing, narrating, handling the tender, and really soon being the Mum on La Vaga. I hope RIley shows appreciation off-camera for what you do and for who you are.

    I expect Riley will soon travel home to the La Vaga, buy and set-up a crib on La Vaga, sail to a major USA port where it is not seasonally cold, and then wait for you & Lenny to come home.

    Webhead USA

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