GOODBYE. Goodbye all. Ep.188

I say goodbye to our Patrons and I leave Riley. I’m off, to the land down under to prepare for the birth of our boy. It was such an emotional week leading up to my departure. I’ve usually been fine leaving Riley for longer periods of time, but this time it felt different.. Riley has to look after La Vagabonde for an extra month and then he’s going to sail it north to South Carolina where he’s leaving it. Then he’ll finally be able to fly to Australia to meet me. I just hope our baby doesn’t come early… Anyway. Everything’s going to be okay yep yep yep ?

Song Credits: 00:00 Aggio girato lu munno – Oine Ensenble – 00:42 For Now – HUFRIK –… 02:25 Tarantella – Oine Ensenble – 04:02 Emily settling – Before We Hit The Water⁩… 05:14 Aisles – Fellow Hollow – 10:31 Fai Rynita – I can’t get you off my Mind – 13:29 Fai Rynita – Angel – 14:53 Satellite City – Daniel Champagne –

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  1. it has been and will be a blast when Babie Bagoabon boards for the first time, thanks so much for the ride!!

  2. Wait so is this your last video ever ever… like you guys are not going to make videos ever! Man I love you guys don’t quite you have been in inspiration of mine for so long!

    1. No, this is not the end of the line. This video was produced about September-October of 2018 when Elayna was about 7 months pregnant. There will be more vids covering the period to about 2 months after birth, or so to allow Elayna and RIley to be with the baby for a couple of months before producing new videos. Just be patient and follow the adventure as it unfolds.

      Just in my opinion.

      Webhead USA

    2. Kolin, videos we have not seen are in the can ready to show. They produced extra in order to take a 2 or 3 month maternal & paternal leave after baby made his appearance. I consider Elayna and Riley are on vacation, and they will return to after-maternal leave production. Based upon my experience, a 4-month period after birth belongs to Mom, Dad, and Baby – which means they will return to work sometime before early April.

  3. Que tengan una feliz nueva aventura con el niño que viene navegando para Ustedes . Gracias por hacernos parte de sus experiencias de navegación Son una gran familia .

  4. If you need deep water to leave your boat let us know, we would be happy to keep it clean while you enjoy the best thing to ever happen to you!

  5. Love you guys, and watching the adventure unfold so beautifully. Stay safe and I can’t wait till this fantastic family is one again!!!!!

    Walt (landlocked in Florida)

  6. You two are awsome … cant wait to see your little one on board… peace and happiness for you 3 …

  7. I must be growing into a silly old fart. Your goodby’s made me tear up… Hahahaha… your vids are amazing… Good luck with the next adventure… babies…, they add to life…

  8. Hi Elayna & Riley

    I hope you both get on ok on your separate journeys and I hope your new baby is well when he arrives take care and thank you for sending me all your vids over the years.

    Love and best wishes


  9. You scared the bazoobas out of me when I read the subject title ” Goodbye” – I went mushy inside when I saw your airport farewells – phew, you have a nack to get people to love you – can’t wait to see little Popeye at the helm – probably the luckiest, cutest sailor in the world!

    Kindest regards and hugs!

  10. Great video’s and awesome adventures thank you. What is the Outremer 45 like to sail single handed Riley?

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