Greek Myths and Real Sailor Stories [Ep. 117]


Meanwhile, docked in Kefalonia – Greece. Join us as we fight off a mean storm and take a trip around the island where we visit the famous Melissani Cave and quite possibly the best beach in Greece! A beach that is also one of the beaches used in Captain Corralis ‘Mandolin’. We say goodbye to our pal Jack and Interview a couple of sailors with quite an interesting story. Videos made with love, Elenita xo

Contact Jack if you need a legend of a skipper!
Also if you want to LEARN HOW TO SAIL, Jack is teaching in the BVI’s right now!!

Song Credits:
01:12 Whisky – J. Alan Schneider
02:17 Keep Your Feet – Chiara La Woo
04:46 Krijn Vos – Mountainman
08:16 The Road – Martin Piehlmeier
14:15 Krijn Vos – Mountainman

Videos made by Elayna!!
Additional filming by our man Daniel

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Comments 5

  1. Fantastic you guys, the way ta go. I love those storms where the heavens open and you get a deluge of everything. Then when its passed you feel the quiet and the weather has cleared everything and you start again with a new sense of direction. When Jack gets over into the BVI’s does he intend to get a runabout whilst he’s earning? A small 24 footer or something like that as he clearly loves the life? How’s your future plans for the northern ice lands developing and were close to Xmas now so Merry Xmas to you both and thanks for all the entertainment this past year. Happy Days, see ya.

  2. Somehow I don’t think it’ll be too long before the hairy Kiwi gets some crew members! ❤️Kefalonia. Have spent many nights moored in Agia Eufimia and have done Corinth Canal three times (a very expensive waterway!)

  3. Watched again this morning here in Myrtle Beach, Coffee & Cheerios. Laughed at Jack being 3 hours early; I feel like a world traveler with y’all! I realized today how great the baotis. Sow us again sometime a quick tour of LaVaga! Luv ya’!

  4. Is Kiwi OK to fly? Wouldn’t it be better to get on a train and go to Europe to get checked out? And BTW, does he have a wife/girlfriend? 😉

    Riley, your accent got thicker being around the New Zealanders!

    The only difference between a good haircut and a bad one is a week.

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