Greetings from the middle of the Pacific! (Sailing La Vagabonde)

Hey guys, we scheduled this vid to pop up at the predicted half way mark of our big sail from the Galapagos – Marquesas (3000 miles, ish). Eeeeeek. Wish us luck for the other half. I can already tell you now that I’ll be sick to death of mushy porridge.

Love Elay, Riley and Tony.

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  1. Hope you sre having fun! 30 days of sailing !! Wow!! That is a LOT of sailing!! Our best to your Dad !!
    Our love to you two!
    Your Colombian parents,
    Yolita & Wolfram

  2. Awesome trip!..? Stunning places to visit indeed!
    Jono Rezzillo
    Enjoying the video, just stumbled onto it , thanks.

    PS I could have hooked on a small dinghy and played guitar and sang…the whole trip, lol

  3. Thanks for the update, wishing you both smooth seas and good luck. You both are the right stuff for this voyage.

  4. Good for you guys living the dream, avoid the giant trash pile its many hundreds of miles across blew me away the first time I saw it. Enjoy the crossing smooth sailing and may the winds always be at your backs!

  5. hey guys , thanks for the update I really look forward to hearing from ya and following along with your adventures .. keeps me inspired and focused to reach my sailing dreams in a few years.. good luck and safe travels ..

  6. Safe Journey you guys!! Love your Vlogs!!
    If you guys are ever in IBIZA look us up, we have just starters a brand new venture!…we hire-out Classic 1960s VW Campervans around the island…. Pleeeeaaassseee could you give us a little shout out, we’re called WeDubYou!!

    Peace love and happiness

    Paul & Louise xx

  7. It’ll be a piece of cake for you guys! or maybe a bowl of porridge? Either way, good luck “You can do it” .

    1. that is exactly what I was thinking. holy cow that is some progress. There must be a big time lag in getting time to edit, and how much footage you have saved up that needs cut together.

  8. Prayers and best wishes to you both. Hope you have a safe and peaceful crossing. Cant wait for the next video you are truly living the dream Boo-Ya 🙂

  9. I thought the same thing as Phillip. Nothing on the canal or Galapagos??
    Fair Winds, Calm seas… is a big ocean!

  10. I must’ve been asleep as well. What happened across the Canal? San Blas was the last vid I saw. Your journey is our journey. Thank you so much for sharing it.

    Wishing the best seas. Always loved this quote:

    “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did so. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”
    Mark Twain.

  11. Hi Guys! Well, that came out of the blue! Literally. Well done Riley & Elayna & Dave. Thanks for the update and I wish you fair winds and great sailing. Take care.

  12. Good Luck for you guys!
    ” Que os bons ventos os levem por caminhos seguros e os tragam de volta”.

  13. Hi again. I forgot to mention Tony. Well done Tony. Cant wait to see all the extra vids! Cheers

  14. Hi Elay & Riley!
    I just got done last night watching ALL your videos! Yep, from 1 through 33! They are ALL SUPERB!!! I especially liked #5 watching Elay making lunch!!! I haven’t laughed like that in a long time. I can’t wait till I view your adventures across the Pacific! Here’s to smooth sailing…..till we meet again, Sheila
    p.s. I like red Heelers, too, Elay. In fact my boy, Clansey, was closest to my heart. He passed 16 years ago. I tear up just thinking about him. Now we have two blues, Meranda & Buddy. They are rescue dogs so didn’t get to see how cute they were as pups.

  15. I don’t suppose you’ll get this until you’re hooked up to the web. But we are thinking of you and wishing you fair winds and smooth seas. Looking forward to the video catch up.. Crew of KYLAN Chichester Harbour.

  16. Wow, the Pacific passage came up quick! Like Tad said, what happened between the San Blas Islands and the Galapagos? Wishing you fair winds and a happy ship. Keep doing it for the rest of us!

  17. San Blas to Galapagos in one week. That is really moving. 🙂 I am assuming this last vid was supposed to be posted a few weeks from now. Sail on!

  18. You sold us out!
    Us true followers!
    How did you get from the little islands to the ” other side”???
    Did you run out of video tape?
    And now you tell us you’re half way?

    Ok, me Grumpy had my go at you.

    Safe travels and fair winds!

    Stay safe and sound and keep us followers I’m the loop!

    1. I think it’s just the delay effect. The videos are always some amount behind – a week or two at least, to edit and ship to the web, so the passage through the canal was finished before there was time to document, prepare, and upload it, before saying farewell to the internet and striking out after the setting sun.

      In real time, they’re presumably half way across the Pacific around now, but in the virtual time of the trip we watch, they should be crossing *to* the other ocean, not crossing it.

      I expect we’ll get the full story once they regain contact with the hive mind – I imagine there will be time enough along the way to do a fair amount of editing.

  19. I have gone various times through the canal, gunk holing between cartegena etc. Going from the San Blas through the canal can be a whirlwind experience, and then suddenly, you are in the Pacific, and ready to sail, so don’t feel neglected if you are following these adventures.

  20. Love living vicariously through you two. Soon I will have to make my own sailing adventure once I get the kids through college. Wishing you sails full of fair winds and a safe trip.

  21. Also I’m intersted to know how you prepared / provisioned for the big crossing? Or we’re you just planning on fishing the whole way?

  22. All good guys, I watched all of them. You guys made me plan a sail trip. However, I should say one thing that when you guys were in Turkey, Elay was dancing little bit while pry call Ezan was on. Better not to dance with Ezan.

    Cheers !!

  23. Great to know the passage is half over. Following you from New Jersey and inspired by your courage and unflappable optimism.

  24. Yes, I’ve been hanging out to see the Panama Canal section but alas, nothing!! LOL, I hope it went smoothly, I plan on completing this myself in the next few years.

    Kristen from Mooloolaba

  25. You guys will have worked out by now that we are all absolutely addicted to your adventures.
    OK we will have to wait a while but we’ll all eventually get over it I hope.
    I guess there’s a hell of a long way between internet cafes in the Pacific.
    A huge thankyou for thinking of us all in filming your pop up.
    We’re all thinking of you.
    May your days be filled with sunshine, fair winds and smooth sailing and the odd adventure that we can share with you when you can get back on the air.


  26. Good to hear you are back on the water, safe trip. Count to 10 before you say the wrong words. Look forward to the next video. Stay safe.

  27. I was surprised that the short video from the Galapagos Islands didn’t include anything from the Panama Canal. Seemed like we jumped from San Blas to mid Pacific. Maybe you will upload the canal transit vid when you make your next landfall. It was weird that you didn’t even mention it on your piece from Galapagos. Was it that uneventful ? I guess you must have you reasons but I think many of your viewers and followers felt the same….we wait and wish you well


  28. Greetings, fair winds and flowing seas shell backs. Being a “perpetual pilgrim priest” and the son of a son of a sailor, be rest assured of our prayers, blessings and support my fellow travelers. I am truly thankful that you two exist. I have been inspired, encouraged, and consoled by you young beautiful trailblazers! Your reading list, tips, humor, and tenacity are a proof that humanity is not lost. (Yet) The Lord of Lights bless you, Our Lady of the Sea keep you, and St. Nicholas of Myra (patron of sailors) save you from peril. -Fr. Nicholas

  29. Wishing you a safe passage!

    Really enjoy your videos. From crew of KUMA.
    Gig Harbor WA USA

  30. Hey Riley & Elay I like your book and videos.You talk about experience and having it is great but most situations accure different.I have been on the water shrimp trawling in the Gulf of Mexico near 49 years started at 7 years old with my dad who retired from trawling at 85 and is now 91 and would tell you that he was still learning when he retired.So I gess we all lack some in experience and that’s when common sense is a must and seems you have plenty of the two of you make a good team.So keep using your head I don’t think you can go wrong and when you get home put a ring on that lady’s finger don’t let her get away.Best wishes to both of you……Wade

  31. Yes, we seem to have slipped into a Time Warp.

    Still, no doubt the rest of the journey so far will come as an ”omnibus” edition, I have been hanging out to see Panama etc.

  32. What the hell happened to the Panama canal, did you fly over it.
    What happened to Geoff, he seemed a bit light on his feet to me.

  33. Well done guys & gals
    Like the others are mentioning what the f… happened to Panama
    Are you sure you are not sailing “The Flying Dutchman” instead of La Vagabonde

    All the best and fair winds across the Pacific,
    hope to hear great stories from some of the far away Islands

    Eager beaver follower from the far north where we still have below 10 degrees temperatures
    Greetings from Denmark

  34. My comment previously about the lack of video during the panama canal crossing has been deleted by the mods, so, I have now done the same with my donations. Thank you.

  35. Lenutzo, you can’t fock things up. These people here want to see the Panama Canal’s crossing and they don’t like skipped meridians. So , if you didn’t take the video in Panama Canal you have to go back , cross it one more time and take videos.

  36. I’ve been looking for videos on YouTube and was becoming concerned that I didn’t see one. I’m excited to hear all about this leg of your voyage. I’ll keep looking.

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