Groovy Tunes for Not-So-Groovy Hangovers


Doing anything at all apart from eating bad foods and sleeping whilst hungover can prove a difficult task, however there are a few things you can do to ease the pain, including listening to some new, independent music. Luckily we’ve got you covered! Each week you can listen to some of the coolest new music available right here on this blog, hand picked.

This week we’re featuring music from reggae, folk, ambient and electronic stylings, something for every ear. Please remember to like and share this post to help support these dedicated musicians, have a listen with the embedded Soundcloud player and follow the links to their pages, we really appreciate it!

Son of Dov…

The very chill Sonofdov easily captures the listeners attention and manages to reel them in to his glittery web of acoustic mastery. Sonofdov sings with an understated emotion that allow the listener to relate to the content contained behind his dusky vocals in their own way. With an extensive discography dating back to 2012, the talented Indie-folk musician has steadily garnered a loyal following and been the recipient of awards such as at the 2016 New Jersey Folk Fest as well as being featured on several film and TV projects.




Sky Jammer

Reggae-jazz outfit Sky Jammer are a five piece original music project lead by Jammer, the front man and singer-songwriter who is also a pilot, hence the name. Influenced by the likes of Bob Marley and Jack Johnston, the island vibe Sky Jammer carry is the central theme to their music as they rather successfully attempt to spread their positive life message to anyone within an earshot. The Sky Jammer Music Project is currently recording the new album in Key West to be released in 2017.




Sense –

Sounding similar to the likes of Kygo and Odesza, Sense deliver their own brand of refreshing electro-funk and succeed in awakening the inner wanderlust in us all. Going from very relaxed tracks like “Senegal” (featured in this weeks episode of SLV) to dance floor anthems in the same breath is a challenge for any musician, however Sense manage to do so seamlessly.





Krijn Vos 

Krijn is a self taught multi-instrumentalist who skirts along genres the likes of Rock, blues, country and western, delivering wonderfully emotive music which he plays all of the instruments for and records himself.

“I hope that you enjoy my music, cause that’s why i make it. To reach people straight into their hearts.”





Luna Park…

The uplifting and ambient stylings of Luna Park are made to get people moving, heavy synth loops lace their way around a driving drum beat creating a pensive mood that is still absolutely danceable.








Thank you for checking this out, and see you next week for more of the best new music available. Liking the music? Do you have any suggestions for what to listen to? Please feel free to drop a comment, we love hearing from you! Please remember to help us support these amazing musicians by visiting their page, liking and sharing this post.


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