Grotty Music (Episode 99)

Hello Vagabonds and welcome to another week of great new music here at Sailing La Vagabonde Music! This week we listen to music off the coast of the beautiful Badalona, floating above pristine turquoise waters and taking in the sites. If you have yet to cast your gaze upon the latest episode, i’ve done the leg work for you and you can watch it right here in the embedded player. Don’t miss out!

So if you’re new to the Sailing La Vagabonde Music blog, here’s the skinny my friend.. This little slice of writing is designed to share the musicians featured in each episode to the rest of the world. The music in each episode is the product of some very talented individuals, people who have been kind enough to share their hard work with us. The least we could do to thank them is to share them with you in the hope you will share them with your friends, in the hope of spreading gorgeous music all around the globe. Get involved! Like, share and comment. You can have a listen right here in the embedded SoundCloud player. Yep, we have an account and the music of each weekly episode is compiled into weekly playlists for yours (and my) listening pleasure.


Sense –

Sounding similar to the likes of Kygo and Odesza, Sense deliver their own brand of refreshing electro-funk and succeed in awakening the inner wanderlust in us all. Going from very relaxed tracks like “Senegal” (featured in this weeks episode of SLV) to dance floor anthems in the same breath is a challenge for any musician, however Sense manage to do so seamlessly. Follow the link above to listen to their brand new EP, ‘Esper’, it’s electro-pop musings are very, very, nice.




Jangle –

Producer of an interesting fusion of sounds, Jangle provides listeners with eclectic yet harmonious blend of down-tempo chill out music. From deep bass lines, stringed instruments such as the harp, violin and guitar and fanciful but minimalist vocals, the spontaneity of his composure commands attention. This music is fundamentally electronic in nature, however it  maintains a warm and distinct human element.




Windspiel –…

Featuring “music from the world”, Windspiel cross multi-lingual borders, with lyrics in Spanish, German and English to name a few, they seem to have most of the language bases covered! Their music is very easy listening, consisting of traditional acoustic instruments such as the double bass, violin, slap box and spanish guitar, they manage to create a ‘happening’ and driving rhythm that is quite easy to tap a foot or bob a head to. Windspiel is four friends making music about nature in an urbanised time and doing a good job at that.

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