HeapsGood Chocolate (Elayna)

E3 (Daily Vlog 7 of 21) Here’s what we got up to today whilst waiting for Riley. Taste testing chocolate and catching up with our pal Travis. Oh yeaaahhhhh. Trav tells us all about his experience crossing Tonga to New Zealand, making me feel better about Riley, although sounds like HeapsGood had some tough days out there… Tune in tomorrow to catch up with Riles folks, and please don’t forget to like our Facebook page 🙂

Song Credits:
04:20 Fai Rynita – Angel
05:21 Emily Cooper – Lights Will Guide Her Home
06:32 Gotam Sen – The Good Boy

Additional Film/Edit – Abbey Mulraney

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  1. Like the 21 vlog idea, you don’t have to do it as your not doing the typical sailing thing, but your doing it anyway. That’s why your were you are , you guys put out all that’s private in your lives, your honest,dont change it. I am glad you guys made it, look forward to the cat vids. I’ ll be watching like many others.Take care

  2. Elayna hi, I remember one of you videos you made chocalate. I just downloaded your recipy book but no chocalate recipy. Could you send it to me?

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