How to Enter and Exit a Marina (Dock like a BOSS!!!)

Here’s how to enter and exit a marina on your boat. We hope you are following along with our “Sailing Basics Guide” here. More than likely your adventure will begin in a Marina. Whilst a safe haven and a convenient place to store a vessel there is always a lot of eyes watching and things to crash into. In this episode we show you how to enter and exit a Marina several different ways. We also show you things to watch out for and the various things you should be concentrating on to make the process smooth and event free.

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  1. Nice overview you two. Love the overhead perspective, thanks to the drone.

    My dock is perpendicular to a current that runs 3 knots in one direction on an ebb tide and 4 knows in the other on a flood tide.
    In my case I can almost ignore the wind and focus exclusively on the current. The most brilliant docking is when the current is going into the dock and I can drift sideways gently. Looks like I have thrusters (which I don’t.)

    Anyway, would look forward to seeing your how-to book.

  2. Now that’s a real treat! Clear and brief. Thanks a lot! You are absolute legends! Can’t wait for the next one …

  3. Hey man I’m not much of a sailor I’m a powerboat person would love to meet y’all I watch your videos all the time where in Wilmington North Carolina or you can say Carolina beach technically where we live but what’s funny like I said I’m not much of a sailboat person but the manufacture of our boat is Beneto a Monte Carlo 5 oh my friends make fun of me because the way I feel about sailboats but I really do like catamarans especially power cats I just can’t handle the slow speed but it’s nice to save the fuel I see you know one of your videos you’re coming to the states if you ever get up this way please holler hopefully we can meet you good luck be safe And congratulations on your new member of your family

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