How to Freedive – (Sailing La Vagabonde)

How to freedive with Carlos Coste. Join us in this episode with Carlos, as he runs us through a freediving refresher course on the island of Bonaire. He shares some of his secrets in mastering certain skills of freediving and he will give any beginner an idea of where to start. Jump in and enjoy!

For anyone who may be interested in taking a course with Carlos in Bonaire, check out his website and see what options are available! He is a dude.

Made with Love,

Elay & Riley.

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  1. Well.
    I guess.

    Spirit animal in people usually has same body type. Some people have multiple.

    If you say so Elayna.

    Good video you too! I love it!!!

  2. Great Video. I was always interested in this activity. Thank you for sharing it with me.

    Looking forward to more

    Chris Bewsher

  3. That was really well put together. You 2 are becoming very good at producing very good quality videos. Look forward to the continueing journey.

  4. Very cool, reminds me of a movie i loved to watch in the 80’s called The Big Blue.

  5. Absolutely brilliant, well done Riley and Elay !
    I look forward to seeing you on the Discovery Channel if you keep this up. I’m more of a scuba diver than a free diver, but nothing beats a free dive down a vertical pinnacle in warm blue water. Now I just need to find my way back to the sea !
    Fair winds and smooth sailing !

  6. Good interesting video , guys .. Very enjoyable … Nice to see people living naturally . I

  7. That was wonderful! So glad to see that your new friend (among the many friends that you have made on this journey) is going to make your free diving safer and take you to new levels as well. I learned a lot with this one. Thanks, fair winds and all the best to you two.

  8. I know it sounds strange but I have come t have a strong affection for the two of you. I have watched your videos from the beginning and feel very connected ….Not in a creepy way !!! This episode on free diving to me is everything I like about living on the water and connecting with it. No wonder you both love it too. I hope and pray you are all well in the Pacific and I’ll be able to hear from you soon. Thanks Don

  9. I get a bit creeped out by competitive free diving – even something as innocent as “my deepest dive so far was …”. Coste seems like a nice man, open, spiritual, fit. But he was nearly killed by an activity that has more in common with heroin addiction that with sport. And from his hospital bed where he was recovering from not being able to speak or move he declared his intent to stick that needle right back into his arm as soon as possible.

    Nicholas Mevoli, Natalia Molchanova, Audrey Mestre, Loic Le Ferme, Cyril Isoardi and hundreds more, dead and debilitated. As a way of getting into the underwater world to fish or check anchorage or just look around without the hassle of scuba it’s a beautiful thing but as an aesthetic, a way of life, a sort of cult, it’s spooky as hell.

    The limit on success in competitive – especially no-limits – free diving, is death. “Going as deep as you can” is constrained by the unspoken “without dying”. Ultimate success and death merge at the same point far under the surface. The darkness and the pressure and the cold and the supernatural calm close in as the world slips away in this pointless flirtation with tragedy. You attain a degree of self-control and separation, while the water patiently waits to kill you.

    I suppose this is all a bit hysterical. Most parachutists don’t go on to proximity flying in wingsuits. Most free divers don’t jump onto a lead sled that pulls them into the underworld. But free diving has a sinister side, that Carlos Coste has visited.

  10. Wow guys this was actually really helpful to me. Little tips that mean a lot to someone that doesn’t try to brake a record in free diving, but just for the fun of diving with no gear bothering me. Cheers guys and fair winds !

  11. This video is awesome. Im from the Philippines and they’re lots of beautiful beaches here in our country, I want to learn free diving and already bought my gears.

  12. Probably one of the best nicest posts you pair have done. Stopped me in my tracks. Reminded me of a younger me when my life was simple uncomplicated etc etc blah blah. I have had a couple of big physical changes in my life that has made this sort of fun so hard but I will keep trying.
    Safe travels guys “Le grand Bluuuurrrr” or the big blue as one of your other correspondents mentioned – awaits( a nice movie but which was lost in its English translation) nah serious enjoy the pacific- many stories to be “unearthed” sic.
    Really hope our paths cross one day.
    Lizzy N Mark

  13. Have watched all of your video’s and love them. I look forward to the next one, keep them coming slowly do not rush as the quality needs to be maintained so that we keep looking forward to the next one. My age prevents me from living the same lifestyle however at 64 I am having sailing lessons and after experiencing a couple of long haul trips as a crew member, I will be considering purchasing a yacht of my own.

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