How To Hoist a Mainsail

Hoisting the main is a fairly easy task but there are certainly right and wrong ways to be doing it. We hope you are following along with our “Sailing Basics Guide” available here. In this video we show you some of the problems that can occur whilst you are trying to hoist a main sail, and we outline the steps involved in order to have a hassle free hoist. We also show you how to hoist the main to a reef so that you can have the correct amount of sail up for the conditions that you expect. Remember to give the video a like if you found it helpful and subscribe to see more content.

Videos made with love, Elayna and Riley.

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  1. I thought this whole E-begging discussion was settled, like, two years or so ago. Luckily, that caravan just keeps on moving, and I love it! Now back to the core issue: the topping lift. Does it actually make a difference if you, inadvertently, leave it on afterwards?

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