How to Install a Watermaker

For anyone interested in how to install a watermaker on their boat, we have filmed our watermaker installation and thrown in some info to share with you guys in hope to help out where we can!

We are NO experts. But we got it done and we believe if we can do it, so can you! Yeehah for this brilliant piece of equipment, we are over the moon about the fact we no longer have to stress about running out of water on crossings. Water has never tasted so damn good.

Love Elay & Riley.

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  1. OK, this video was great! Just the kind of information I like. Nice job on the installation (I think) too. Now a video or two on Energy Systems (wind, solar, generator) could be a nice follow-up, and the beginning of a whole new series if Vids; “Click & Clack at Sea” or maybe “This Old boat” – (You’ll have to look up Car Talk and This Old House to get those references – US radio and TV.



  2. Really clean job. Don’t forget to treat all those plywood mounts and brackets…I know it’s a pain to take everything apart again, but the wood will get wet at some point so a coat of west system (even primer) applied at the dock will save you from having to cut up a floorboard in the middle of the Pacific because the bracket rotted out and the high pressure pump is dancing around the aft cabin.

  3. Good one. Great description and presentation. Now I gotta go spend more money!! Thanks a lot guys.

  4. Looks like a pretty sweet install of the H2O maker. One piece of advice though…shield the batteries from the watermaker! Eventually you will have a high pressure leak and it is truly astonishing how much and how intrusive the leak will be. I know first hand…I sprayed water all over an electrical panel that was at least 12 feet away and 90% blocked by the genset.

  5. Hi guys!
    You are amazing. I feel very lucky that I have found you on You Tube. I have to say how inspiring your travel is to me and probably to a lot of people. I wish you the best and hope you continue to be who you are the way you are.
    Bless you, Sergio.

  6. I think Riley has shown his intelligence with his ability to figure things out. He learned how to sail, installs equipment on his boat, services his whinches, installed a watermaker, figured out how to keep his spinnaker up, and I am sure many other items on his boat.

    He does the research and goes to work. It would be cool if he filmed all of his repairs as a do-it-yourself series. The rest of us could learn from him.

    Riley is a great problem solver.

  7. Just ran across this video and I was impressed with the install. One note: When charging lead acid batteries they produce a small amount of hydrogen gas. Make sure the area the batteries and electric motor are mounted in is sufficiently ventilated. Hydrogen gas in a confined space could be an explosion hazard when the electric motor kicks on.

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