How To Pick Up a Mooring Buoy

We hope you are following along with our “Sailing Basics Guide“. You can find the guide here.
How to pick up a mooring buoy, and moor your boat. The principles are the same no matter what vessel you are in.
In this video after the standard way to pick up the mooring using the engines we actually show you how to sail your yacht up to a mooring ball without using your engine and pick up the mooring ball that way.
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  1. Great advice, easy to follow: although you actually did show it, it would have helpful to have stressed the importance of “hooking” the line, NOT the handle at the top of the buoy.

    Lots of sailors try to hook the handle and it’s often missed, going for the line is successful petty much 100% of the time.

  2. Exactly what I needed! After 20+ years on a mono, we are sailing a cat for the first time in April. I’m lone deck monkey, so mooring is my job.

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