How to Sail Around the World on a Budget!

Here are our 8 Tips!


Ok ok, if you have made it this far then you are genuinely interested in saving money whilst sailing around the world. I feel that a blog post accompanying this one was absolutely essential. And also… congratulations, your trying to get out of the rat race and onto the water I think thats awesome. Its the hardest most rewarding thing Elayna and I have ever done. Be prepared because its not easy.

Also I’m going to change the order around because I’m doing the blog post and Elayna is in charge of vids. Haha.


Why not Crew?

Some of the most awesome people I have met have been crewing on different boats for years and years. They don’t need to deal with any of the problems that come with owning a boat and believe me that is a big list. Its cheaper, your more versatile, you meet different people all the time and you can call it quits as soon as you run out of money. There are websites like –– that can help you out but a lot of the people I have met have gotten their jobs via word of mouth. I would try both.



I have sailed a long way in the past 4 years. Before that I used to work on a roster that was 3 weeks on and 3 weeks off. In my time off I would travel. I’ve been on the road or the water for the last 10 years. I’ve travelled with people who book flights last minute, arrive at hostels that are fully booked and missed La Tomatina because they didn’t know it was happening. I have also travelled with people that have their travel days mapped out in 5 minute increments a year in advance. As annoying as it is I would have to say that if you were going to lean in one direction on a sail boat it would have to be towards being organised. Spare parts, marinas, weather, rendezvous, daytime arrivals, equipment upgrades, internet, groceries, fuel, water, repairs, navigating. All of the things you need to survive need to be organised or something else will give, usually money or comfort, sometimes both.


Buying a boat.

There are mountains of information about this online. Check out, thats where used to find out a lot of stuff.


Working online

Here is an article I found from Forbes outlining the top 100 companies most likely to hire remotely in 2017.

This would be a massive boon for anyone looking at sailing around the world. One thing to consider would be if you need to get to the internet once a week or every day. If you need to be there every weekday then this seriously hampers your cruising grounds but if thats what you gotta do to get onboard then thats what you gotta do.

Europe – good internet everywhere but expensive in general. Greece is much better than anywhere else cost wise.

Pacific – terrible internet pretty much everywhere

Australia – Good near the cities or towns.

N.Z. – similar to Australia but a smaller country so less dead spots

US – I have heard there is solid internet along both coasts.

You could look at Iridium or Inmarsat for onboard internet options. The Iridium Go could provide a cheap way to send and receive email before you to hold out until you get back to civilisation. For about 120 USD a month you’ll get just enough net to get weather and emails over a lot of the globe. The bigger onboard satellites cost more like 2,000 USD for 1GB a month. Or something ridiculous like that.


Go Slow

You might actually only want to concentrate on one area, like the Caribbean for a lot of people. The Pacific also is reasonably inexpensive. The more I talk to other people the crazier how fast Elayna and I have been moving sounds. A 6 year circumnavigation is going to be more than twice the fun of a 3 year one, of that I am convinced. I know it is everyones dream to circumnavigate but I think there is a lot to be said for concentrating on one area, diving into the culture more, maybe learning a bit of the language and you will definitely save yourself some money. I find that in each place we go it takes a while to get the lay of the land and meet people before you figure out where the cheapest bar and shops are in town. 


Coconut Helmets, Shark Repellent and Anti-pirate Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles 

Safety equipment.

 In order to save money you should buy the safety equipment you need. There are obvious things like life rafts and EPIRB but it is up to each captain to think about exactly what is right for their ship. You don’t need every whiz bang gadget that is out there, get what you need and learn how to use it.


Say “Yes” to Lasagne.

The generosity of the cruising community appears limitless. Most of the best people I have ever met have been sailing. There is just something about that way of life that attracts good people. Now obviously its not a good idea to walk around with your hand our asking for help, it should be a symbiotic environment with people giving and receiving in kind. The more people you meet and talk to and become friends with the more you will learn and the more you will figure out how to do things cheaply. There are guys in the Pacific who can meteorologist, engineer, doctor and olympic standard sail trim, most of them love to teach an interested pupil. Some of the logistics of spare parts can be overcome with a bit of local knowledge also. If you have a fish someone near by will probably have some veggies.


Get Yourself an Alfred

For less than 10$ you can set yourself up with a rig that will catch you plenty of fish. What sailors lack in being able to cruise over specific fishing grounds we make up for in “wet line time.” If your trawling for a week your going to catch a fish, unless your as unlucky as I am in the Mediterranean. If feeding yourself is the goal then smaller lures will net more fish, there is nothing better than a little Tuna.

For more information on sailing for beginners check out our sailing guide below!

Sailing La Vagabonde’s Simple Guide

Cheers to you, happy sailing!
Elayna and Riley
Sailing La Vagabonde

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  1. Hello Guys,

    Like loads of people, you have inspired my wife and I to travel around the world with a Yacht. We were going to do it in a 4×4 but after seeing your vids and loving the sea we have decided by sea. We are waiting for the sale of our property in Ibiza before buying a cat. My question is about your 45, I will be travelling with my wife and 1yr old daughter and wanted to know if the 45 is big enough for you both? We want to be comfortable and am discussing either a O45 or O51. Obviously the 51 is more expensive but we really want to have enough room for our daughter to roam as well as being on the yacht for unto 10 years. We are waiting for the barcelona boat show before actually even see a yacht. I have contacted Outremer already but we are just waiting to sell this place. Thanks for the vids keep em coming. Also, I am Aussie and my wife from Tenerife. We have lived and worked a few places already but are ready to cut loose.

  2. Not sure why you had to use your butt front and center? You guys stand out from lots of other ‘cruisers asking for $’ one big reason your more likable is that you don’t use T&A as much as most do to sell your selves. Elayna is great to look at but so much more…don’t lower yourself elayna…it refreshing not to have a bunch of guys make more comments about the gal than anything to do with sailing.

  3. Hey,

    Great videos and energy still. I was afraid we would lose you on the Outremer, with too much marketing going on, but you managed to keep it authentic. Well done.
    I would be curious to know when you will be sailing the Adria between Italy and Croatia. If that is winter time, you should park the Vagabonde and visit us in Vienna for some genuine Christmas markets and Glühwein. Take a plane from Triest, Venice or Split.
    Happy to have you over at our place just outside Vienna.

    Working at the United Nations in Vienna and Commodore of the Vienna International Sailing Club

  4. Thanks for the info on this .. my wife me an our little boy are currently in the process of selling our home an we’ll pretty much everything we own .you guys have been very inspiring to us watched every video thus far lol any way maybe we will see ya out there !

  5. I heard about you when someone emailed me asking if you could use one of my songs in one of your videos…sadly, that never happened…but fortunately I got to connect with your magnificent journey! Thanks for all the inspiration, this is a direction I have been dreaming of heading in for so so long. Still feels a while away!

    I’m curious: how much did y’all know about sailing when you first decided to do this whole thing? Did you just straight-up do some research and buy a boat?

    You know what, why don’t you come on my sparkling new podcast, and we can chat further about this!? Check out my site and see if our vibes align (I think they do).

    Sending much love from South Africa,
    Modern Troubadour, Patreon Creator, Livestreamer, Digital Nomad, Occasional philosopher

  6. Hi Guys,
    The only thing that bothers me about this video is the devil horns above Elayna’s head resulting from the skull hanging there which looks demonic. Perhaps you should toss that thing overboard. I am wondering why you would even hang that on your boat given that you eat mostly vegetarian besides the fish. It seems very out of place. Love your videos and am a big fan for a long time.

  7. 9.

    Afford it as soon as you can.

    Keep putting it off and life will keep getting in the way.
    Mortgage needs paying, kids need nappies… 5 minutes later it’s college funds & mortgage deposit loans.
    At 30 you have a ball, stay up all night partying. Fall down the companionway, get up and carry on.
    Getting toward retirement age you get grumpy, sleepy, slow and brittle. And you forget the names of the other three.
    I’d like “He was never a danger to shipping” on my gravestone to be the truth.

  8. You get a girlfriend that sings and plays the guitar. That saves you a lot of money in equipment, i tunes fees etc.

    By the way, you should marry guys. Elaine was brought up a catholic, so be serious Riley 🙂

    Good luck and God bless you.

  9. I have a great 60′ catamaran for sailing the world that your viewers may like personally, partnership or for charter business.

    Spending time in Key West now and have other responsibilities keeping me closer to shore. Love your site.. wish I could come and visit your ports of call. If you ever get to Key West please look us up. We survived without any damage from Irma… whew!


  10. hello beautiful people. Thanks for this inspiration. Good info! especially about online jobs! Hope to meet you on the high seas!

  11. Having in control of your own time is what I find best about being a digital nomad. Making your hobby as your source of income is the best fulfillment in working life. Making yourself as a boss is really a good feeling. But the trade-off with this is that you have a firm self-discipline of yourself or else you will not succeed as a digital nomad. This is also the envy of the people from cubicle nation where they have to spend eight or more hours day juggling their best to finish their assigned tasks. A digital nomad is not like this, they were the ones to set the deadline of their tasks, so it is less stress.

  12. Before going for sailing you should do some research work of that place as it is very necessary to look at that place and you should examine the routes of that place so that there is no difficulty in finding the route of that place.

  13. Awesome post guys! Now is the time!
    Like you guys I also had no idea how to sail a couple of years ago, no budget, and no boat.
    So I started crewing on other peoples boat. 25.000 miles of boat-hitchhiking later, I this year got my captains license (this is when we crossed paths in Jolly harbour but I was under examination so couldn’t swim to your boat to say hi ;)). Anyway, now I rent boats to return the favour and take other people sailing and share my lessons learned. And planning to build a boat:) Step by step by step we’ll get there. That first foot out of the door is the hardest one I reckon.
    I created some resources (books, videos, and blogs) on crewing and ocean conservation with the mission to connect more people to the ocean. From experience and awareness comes caring! Check them out at
    Sea ya! Suzanne

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