I can smell land! FINALLY Made it to the AZORES ISLANDS! (#265)

“I’ve never been this sick before…” It’s pretty rough when you have some bad seasickness which you can’t escape. Lenny and Riley at the helm as we wrangle some bad weather at the very first stretch of our foray into the Atlantic. The Azores better be worth it! Bonus: Riley puts on his meteorologist hat for a forensic post-mortem of the journey to the Azores. Every hour and day matters and timing, as you’ll see, is so critical to planning and executing our journeys.

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Song Credits:
00:16 Jangle – Black Dog
02:06 Brother Mane – Vibin
07:04 J Alan Schneider – Lyra
11:16 Jangle – February
15:22 Lockd – Lykófos
17:19 Lockd – Heartease

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