I Crashed our Boat in the Marina, Way to Make an Entrance! [Ep. 101]

It was all hands on deck as I attempted docking La Vagabonde for the second time ever, in a marina, with a cross wind. We sailed back up to the land of croissants (France) after completing our shake down cruise around the western Mediterranean! It’s good to be home (home of La Vagabonde anyway)

Song Credits:
00:00 Heeblay – High as Love
04:12 Daniel Champagne – Acland Street
08:38 Santa Fe – Andrew Belle

Videos made by Elayna & Daniel

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Comments 6

  1. from the look on Elay’s face I was thinking shards of broken fibreglass but just a scuff and an important lesson, gotta learn to throw ropes over bollards and cleats quickly, Dan’s got the idea. So impressed with Outremer looking after you guys so well. I wonder what the hit counter on their website is like, must be going nuts with all the excitement of Le Vagabonders.

  2. Title was scary ! Manoeuvring with lots of wind into a tight spot is always a bit of a challenge in my experience. How differently does a cat behave compared to a mono (effect on bow, width, 2 props, pivot point, …)?

  3. You did the best you could. I bumped the middle pylon separating my dock and my neighbors this Sunday with a bad south crosswind, that’s why I put carpet on it, It happen’s!

  4. We always had a saying, you haven’t really cruised until you’ve run aground or put some sort of scratch or dent in your boat…chill. 😉

    Any chance of sailing to southern Italy?

  5. There is a safe way to get into a berth with an Outremer (and most catamarans) even in strong crosswinds:
    Deploy the dinghy and have it between the bows to push them sideways when needed.

    Outremer 5X owner

  6. I noticed your boat has “Sète” on it. Is this your port of registry instead of La Grande Motte? I’m interested because we live in Sète (and love it!) .

    In any case, if you’re still in the area, this weekend (Aug 17-22) is the big annual end-of-summer festival in Sète, called the “Fête de Saint Louis” (Fête is a party or celebration, and Saint Louis was the King of France, also called the Sun King). I haven’t seen any mention of Sète anywhere, and as it’s on your boat, you may want to actually visit the city and this weekend would be a good choice…

    More info here:

    (no, I don’t work for the Sète tourism office….)

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