In Search of Fish in Corsica [Ep. 106]

There has been a lot of fish hunting lately here in the Med. Unfortunately, it has almost always ended with an empty handed, disappointed Riles swimming back to the boat. There is an alarming amount of over fishing going on here in the Mediterranean Sea. 97% of the fish stocks that are assessed are overfished and/or not sustainable (these are only the fish that are actually assessed!! Excluding a number of other marine species which, for all we know could be in even more trouble). We’ve learned that recently people are becoming more and more aware of this issue and thankfully measures are being put into place. We hope to sail back here in the future and to be able to catch ourselves some dinner. I’m not a marine scientist, but I just thought this was a great opportunity to share this information with you. Overfishing is a serious problem all around the world, so all I wanted to suggest was WHERE YOU CAN, why not try and avoid eating things like shrimp? It may only look like a few shrimps in your cocktail glass, but the bi-catch that is associated with this fishing process (bi-catch is the animals that are also caught in the deep sea nets or whatever other tools they are using to haul up a particular species) will shock you. Without the demand, there is no need for supply. Why not go fishing with your own rod or net yourself? Not only is it better for the environment but it’s a heck of a lot funner and I think it really makes you appreciate your food more. Anyway, that’s all from me. Cheers, Elayna 🙂

Song Credits:
00:00 Bears Smoke Cigarettes – Malibu Creek
01:35 Symmetry – Martin Piehlmeier
03:32 How to Start a Cult – Conjugal Visit
06:16 Like a Dream – Chloe
09:08 Woke Up – Luis Trindade
10:06 From the Outside – Circle Light
16:35 Land of Trees – Don’t be a Fool

Videos made by Elayna & Daniel

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  1. Elayna, you are right on! Every costal city, town & village has been fishing the Med for centuries. There are’t any polagic fish left so tell Riles to hang up the fishing gear and just have a beer. BTW, did you get my message back about being selected to come aboard LA Vagabonde as one of your Patreon?

  2. We survived Hurricane Irma here in Florida!!!!! My Aunt lost her home in beautiful Key Largo. I wonder sometimes what you guys would do for bad weather like this. We took damage, but we are well. Hope the best for you guys! Keep the videos coming.

  3. In the mid 1980’s I spent time in Los Barillas in Baja, Mexico. Sport fishing for Marlin was killing off the population of large fin-fish. The owner of the Resort, a Dutchman whom I had befriended being Dutch myself, had worked with Jacque Cousteau. His findings were alarming and so a “Catch and Release” policy was adopted for that particular bay. Several days later on the dock in Cabo San Lucas I happened to be at the marina where they were cutting heads off of large and small sail-fish, so I realized that many of these were still being taken. They loaded the back of 2 pick up trucks full, headed for the taxidermist in Ensenada for mounting and delivery to their owners.

    Today over-fishing needs to be squarely aimed at large industrial fishing from both Southeast Asia and Japan. Here in the Pacific Northwest we have our own over fishing issues but they do not compare to what the Asian fish industry is doing worldwide.

  4. The plants you asked about are agaves, the same as what tequila comes from. The part you saw was the flowering stalk. It is the fastest growing plant part as it can shoot up a foot a day! Once bloomed, the flowers produce nectar at dusk so that bats are the main pollinators. The plants are native to Mexico and the SW USA. Also, once they bloom, the plant dies after having babies shoot up around the parent’s base.

  5. Elayna, I love your chocolate recipe. Can’t wait to try it!!! Don’t forget the red wine with it. It’s a wonderful combination!

  6. I love watching your adventures. It hurts my feelings watching Riley ignore Elena’s injuries! A psychologist, I have thought of a number of reasons for this. Riley is treating you, Elena, as an equal. Possibly Elena asked to be treated as such. Or, Riley is just a mean bastard!
    I love listening to your accents. Words such as “so, low, water,
    It reminds me of my New York accent which lasted a few years after leaving. I still pronounce “water” as “wander.” Having moved to Portland, Oregon, 40 years ago, it is mostly gone.
    I ordered a t shirt.

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